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   Chapter 209 Do Not Kill Her

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6074

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Ella stared at the psychotic woman in front of her in confusion. Why did Sam bring her here?

Emma was almost recovering from her wounds. The moment she saw Ella and Samuel, she regained clarity of thought and speech at once, though she had been muddleheaded before.

"Ella! You bitch! Why are you here?"

Why wasn't Ella dead? Why was she standing in front of her? Damn her!

The way Emma addressed Ella annoyed Samuel, who was determined more than ever to carry out his plan.

"Honey, I'll revenge you today!" What he said gave Emma a chill, bringing back memories of when Samuel almost killed her by the river, a couple of years ago.

She backed away in fright. Samuel was the devil reincarnate and she would never mess with him ever again.

When Ella was staring at him questioningly, Samuel took a surgical knife from a shelf beside him and approached Emma.

Looking carefully at the knife, it looked just like the fruit knife Emma used to hurt Ella at the old house.

What was Samuel going to do?

To her astonishment, Ella witnessed as Samuel stabbed Emma with a surgical knife exactly where she had stabbed Ella.

Then he slashed Emma again on the arm, also in the same position where she had slashed Ella.

He stabbed her again and again. He stabbed her deep, and when he pulled out the knife, the blood gushed all over the floor and in Samuel's suit jacket.

Ella covered her mouth in shock when she heard Emma screaming. Soon after, Emma rolled her eyes and almost passed out.

Standing aside, Chuck witnessed what was happening with a stolid expression on his face.

Samuel stabbed Emma nearly a dozen times before Ella regained consciousness. She was too shocked that she held Samuel's hand, "Samuel... No... No... Do not kill her!"

For what Emma had done, she deserved to di

an?" Well, she understood, but she deliberately teased him.

She had cried quite a lot just because he didn't trust her. An apology wasn't enough to make up for it.

Samuel knew she was making things difficult for him, but he didn't mind at all. Instead, he took an oath devoutly, "Honey, I'll never doubt you again. Whatever you want to do, I'll be on your side."

He gently kissed her and held her in his arms.

He finally had gotten back the love of his life after many hardships and difficulties. Why would he not cherish her?

"Okay. Then prove it to me."

"I will."

They left the hospital. Ella urged Samuel to go back to his company as she wanted to go see Jane at the Emerald Community. It was Saturday and Jane had a day off from kindergarten.

In the Emerald Community.

The maid opened the door. When she saw her mom, Jane hurried towards Ella.

"Mom! Mom! I missed you so much!" Oh! When would Jane reunite with them? She could hardly wait.

Holding up her daughter, Ella smiled from ear to ear, "My baby, I missed you too! Have you been a good girl?"

She was quite aware that her daughter was naughty and at first, she didn't want to leave Jane with Anna who was pregnant.

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