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   Chapter 204 Coquettish Bitch

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6823

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The woman in the car was only his client. She asked Samuel to drive her home because she lived very far away from his office.

She was a long-term partner, so Samuel could not say no.

However, Ella could be very jealous if she knew that he was going to drive another woman home.

He tried to stop her, but Ella ignored him and walked towards the passenger side.

Samuel caught up with her again and tried to pull her to the other side. "Yang, take my car." Samuel shouted to Yang, who had lingered behind.

It was Yang that said Ella's name out loud earlier. Yang was very surprised when he saw Ella and raised his voice unconsciously.

Thanks to Yang, Samuel noticed Ella.

Ella calmed down a little bit, thinking that the woman in the car may be Samuel's client. It was ridiculous to be jealous.

She breathed in and out. 'Okay...' she repeated this word like a mantra in her mind, trying to will herself to calm down. After taking a deep breath, Ella smiled and was about to give Samuel a big hug when the woman in the car spoke.

"Samuel, where are you? I'm waiting for you."

Her voice was so sexy. 'How do I calm down after hearing her voice?' Ella shook her head to focus.

Ella gave him a brittle laugh, grasped his palm that was on her shoulder, and bit it as hard as she could.

Samuel was in so much pain that he let go of Ella. She seized the chance to side-step him and walked to the Maserati.

The woman wore an Army Green coat and a black tight skirt. The boots were from Dr. Martens, one of the most famous brands in the world. She looked like she was only 20 years old, with simple makeup that enhanced her facial features.

She was looking at Ella, displaying a satisfied smile. Ella instinctively knew that this woman had a crush on Samuel.

Ella was amused by the look on the woman's face and said frankly. "What makes you think that you can look at me that way?"

She truly was Samuel's wife. Why did this woman look so contented?

Willa ran her fingers through her hair and said, "It is n

l and personal abuse. " Samuel said coldly.

Willa was very surprised that Samuel was responding to her in this manner. She could see the anger on his face. What happened to him? Mr. Shao was always a gentleman.

And who was this woman he was holding? Why did he treat her like a princess?

Willa looked Ella up and down in the dark and noticed that she looked very familiar.

When Willa was busy thinking who she was, Ella retreated from Samuel's embrace and said firmly to Willa, "You don't recognize me? Well, that's a bit disappointing. I AM Ella."

Ella? She was Ella?

Willa could not believe what she had just said and stared at Ella, her eyes wide open. A flash of red washed over her face in embarrassment. She could not believe what she had just done in front of Ella.

But, hadn't they split up?

"So what? You are only Mr. Shao's ex-wife."

Ella rolled her eyes, tired of dealing with her. Why was this woman insisting on arguing with her? "Samuel, can you handle this? How do you keep getting into trouble like this?"

Samuel tried to comfort Ella after he heard what she said. "Baby. Do not get angry. She means nothing to me. She won't have anything to do with me from now on." Then he looked at Willa and said, "Ms. Fang, Consider this a termination of any projects that we have. We will no longer be partners going forward."

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