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   Chapter 203 Reminiscing On Hard Times

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6804

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"Mr. Fuller, the people in your organisation are incompetent. I have spent tens of millions on you, and this is what I get in return?" Catherine was mad, wondering how she could have hired someone as stupid as Abbot Fuller.

When Abbot Fuller heard her remark about his organisation, he was displeased, "Miss Gu, if you see it that way, let's end it here. Please find a non-stupid organisation to help you." As soon as he had finished speaking, he rose from the sofa and walked away.

Catherine gritted her teeth as she watched Abbot Fuller leave. She could not help asking herself why everyone was unreliable.

Even if the partnership had ended, she didn't believe she could kill Ella without his help.

At The Royal Mansion.

Ella walked back into the villa from the hospital. Chuck handled the follow-up checkup, and told her that her wound were healing well.

She knew Samuel would be back either that day or the next, so she sent Jane to kindergarten in the morning. Then she called Anna and asked her to pick Jane from school in the afternoon.

At noon, Ella received a message from Molly on WeChat. The message read, "Ella, we will arrive in C Country this evening. Are you free to have dinner with us?"

Ella had known Molly was working as Samuel's assistant before she went to America.

When Molly sent Ella this WeChat message, she thought Samuel had requested her to tell Ella about their arrival in C Country this evening.

In fact, Samuel intended to surprise Ella, so he didn't tell her.

Ella replied to Molly, "Ok, what time will it be? I'll pick you up."

Molly replied to her later, "We will be in C Country around five o 'clock, but we have to go back to the office first."

Would they go back to work first? Ella thought for a while and replied, "Ok, I'll come to the office and find you there. See you soon!"

After talking to Molly, Ella proceeded to fold their laundry and put the clothes away in their wardrobes.

At six o 'clock, Ella sent Molly a WeChat message again, "Have you arrive

nine o 'clock.

Even standing in the crowd, Samuel was tall and handsome. His features were so distinct, that Ella could recognise him easily, even at night.

Ella could not help smiling. The cold of the night remained forgotten when she saw him, even her heart felt warm.

At this wonderful moment, she would have flung herself into Samuel's arms, holding him and giving him a sweet kiss.

Ella intended to do this, but as she noticed what was happening, she squinted her eyes with displeasure.

She stood there in high heels and watched Samuel walking to his car.

Samuel sent his assistant Yang away. It was a woman who got in the car with him.

Ella became jealous even though she knew that the woman might be his client.

She proceeded to walk towards them, her heels clicking when they came into contact with the glass floor of the square. Suddenly someone called her, "Ella!"

Samuel immediately looked up.

Ella walked determinedly towards him, wearing a thin camel coat. He could even see her face in delicate light make-up.

So beautiful! Samuel savoured the sight for a second, then frowned and froze.

Suddenly, Samuel thought of the female client, and he felt terrible.

He immediately closed the driver's door and blocked Ella from seeing the woman. He then, hugged her tightly and asked, "My wife, why are you here?"

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