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   Chapter 200 We Aren't Divorced

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Ella didn't say a word. She just picked up her phone, which was near her, and distracted herself with it.

"Ella, what can I do to make you trust me again?" Samuel asked, his voice dripping with worry. He wanted to slap himself on the face, 'Samuel, why did you mention her? Now how will you explain it?'

Samuel's words, however, didn't make Ella happier. She answered coldly, "You don't need to explain. That's your business. I have no right to blame you even if you slept in the same room as her." 'Samuel and I are divorced. How can I blame him?' thought Ella.

As an intelligent lawyer, Samuel came up with a wise answer quickly, "Of course you have the right. We aren't divorced. Even though we both signed the divorce papers, the agreement didn't take effect."

'Huh? What does he mean by that?' Ella was puzzled by Samuel's excitement.

"It didn't take effect?"

"No. I didn't send it to the bureau of civil affairs, so it's not valid. We have never divorced and you are still my wife." Samuel answered, looking giddy like a small child who was getting candy.

Ella was astounded and dropped her phone on her lap.

'I'm still Samuel's wife? We aren't divorced?'

Samuel's reply surprised Ella, making her exhilarated, astonished and excited, all at the same time. Her eyes were brimming with tears because of the unexpected truth.

'Does this mean that Samuel has always loved me?' Ella wondered.

"I'm innocent. If I had lived with Catherine, then it would have been marital infidelity, which is illegal. I'm a lawyer. I will never break the law. Please trust me on this." Samuel planned to tell Ella the truth in the future when he proposed to her again, but because of what his friends had done, he had to disclose the truth or risk losing her forever.

Ella nodded, repeatedly. Now she knew that Samuel's love had never changed. She embraced Samuel, but unconsciously used her wounded arm.

"Ouch!" The pain forced Ella to put her arm down.

Sympathetically, Samuel blew onto her bandaged arm. They both knew her pain would not subside because of his blowing, but Samuel didn't stop. Ella found h

" asked Viola. "Shooting a film must be tiring. You can stay at home. Wouldn't it be much better to have another baby?"

Ella flushed at once.

"That's a good idea, Mum..." Samuel answered before Ella could say a word. "... I also want a second child." Samuel continued happily, without any sign of shyness.

Ella gave Samuel a stare and explained herself, "Mum, we have just restored our relations, and I signed a contract with Harry's company a few days earlier. It's not the best time to quit. But when the time is right, I will think about it."

Ella didn't want a baby now. If they really wanted a new member in the family, she would tell them that Jane was Samuel's daughter.

'Yes. That's a good idea, ' Ella made up her mind.

"Fine. It's all up to you and Samuel. We'll let you two decide." Viola replied, albeit slightly disappointed. Viola didn't know that Jane was her granddaughter, but she didn't try changing Ella's mind.

They already had Jerry, a sweet grandson.

Melody knew that Jane was Samuel's daughter, so she wasn't eager for a new member of the family as well.

'What's more, Ella and Samuel have restored their relations, there is nothing to worry about, ' thought Melody.

"Thank you, Mum."

They continued chatting for a while. Then Vincent and Viola went to work. Samuel also went home to change his clothes before going to work.

In the ward, Melody accompanied Ella.

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