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   Chapter 196 If Only She Were My Daughter

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6707

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After hanging up, Samuel stood by the window for quite some time.

Whoever hurt Ella was going to pay for it, Catherine or Emma included.

Samuel was plotting his revenge when two little children slipped into the luxury ward. He was too focused on his plan that he didn't notice them.

He smoked one cigarette after another, finishing a pack at a go. Then, he put his phone back into his pocket and walked to the ward.

He briefly stopped before entering. Looking through the window, he saw a little girl in a lavender coat trying to climb the bed.

When she got on, she took off her mask and kissed Ella, who was sleeping, on her cheek.

Who was she?

Was she the girl who came with Jerry to his office? Samuel looked adoringly at the girl.

She seemed to like Ella very much.

When she kissed Ella, Jerry's grandmother was gazing affectionately at them.

Viola was also with them. She had her back turned to him, so Samuel couldn't see her face.

Staring for a while, Samuel opened the door gently, startling everyone in the room besides Viola who seemed unaffected by his appearance.

Although Jane was ready to meet her daddy again, she was still in shock when she saw him in front of her. She quickly put the mask back on, albeit disappointed.

Jane couldn't understand why Ella forbade her from calling Samuel daddy, but she remained obedient nonetheless.

"Daddy!" Jerry was in a panic for a moment but soon calmed down. He ran to Samuel, hugging his leg.

Samuel reached out and held Jerry up, "How did you get here?"

Jerry answered honestly, "The driver brought us here after school. Jane, her daddy and mummy aren't at home, so I brought her with me. Is it okay, daddy?"

Samuel looked at the little girl, his eyes glistened with joy.

Jerry continued, giving Samuel no chance to reply, "Also daddy, mummy likes Jane. I'm sure she'll be very happy to see her."

It seemed Jane and Ella were very close to each other, which confused Samuel.

Ella had just retur

s a mistress a while ago? Use that as ammunition. I want her reputation as a lawyer and person completely eviscerated."

"Got it Mr. Shao!"

"And… I'll call you later." He planned to help Ella carry out their revenge as soon as she woke up.

After hanging up the phone, Samuel finished the leftovers from his dinner and approached the bed.

He stared at Ella who was still sleeping. As if she could feel his intense stare, she woke up.

Ella opened her eyes slowly. She saw in the dim light an attractive man. It was Samuel.

Well, she had to admit that Samuel was really handsome.

"I'm hungry." Just after she finished the sentence, her stomache grumbled.

'A good match, ' Samuel thought and laughed.

He kissed her on her forehead, and walked towards the microwave oven where he made her food warm.

When the meal was warm, Ella leaned over and Samuel fed her.

"Samuel, are you doing this on purpose?" Ella complained after the third bite.

Samuel raised his eyebrows slightly. He said innocently, "You just had surgery. You should be happy that you are eating congee." Although she wasn't hurt too badly and just had a minor surgery, patients are usually advised not to eat anything after a surgery.

"Take it away. I want some water." She angrily turned her head aside, refusing to eat any more congee.

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