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   Chapter 194 I'll Support You Always

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The nurse, wearing a mask, flushed and replied, "Measures have been taken to staunch her bleeding. Now we're taking her to the hospital."

After getting a call from Samuel, the ambulance turned to Chengyang Private Hospital.

Chuck had just completed a major operation when a nurse rushed to him, even before he walked out of the operating room.

"Mr. Si, Mr. Shao has just called and has asked you to wait at the door. He has got a patient and needs you."

Chuck was puzzled. Samuel? "What is the condition of the patient?" He removed the mask, took off the protective gown and left the operating room.

This must be an important patient because Samuel was coming.

Hardly had he reached the entrance when an ambulance stopped in front of him.

Surprisingly, it was Ella who was taken out of the ambulance with an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth, and covered in blood. His heart jolted. He glanced at Samuel who was shaking with anguish. Chuck asked the nurse beside him, "What happened?"

Ella was sent to the emergency room while the nurse replied breathlessly, "She was stabbed with a fruit knife. She has a severe wound in her abdomen. The cuts on her arms have been dealt with."

Fruit knife? Hastily, Chuck looked at Samuel again and the latter was still silent. It was not the right time to ask. He went back to the operating room even though he was too tired.

Soon, the light in the operating room was on again. Outside the room, Samuel looked unusually calm. He stood there for a long time. Then his phone rang twice in his pocket.

He didn't answer it until it rang for the third time, "Hi, Mom."

"Sam, which hospital are you in?" Viola sounded anxious, which confused Samuel.

"Mom, since you don't like her, stay at home." 'Ella, I'm sorry! I should have protected you.

Please stay alive! I'll be waiting for you here.

From now on, you can do whatever you want, ' Samuel prayed.


is could manage his fear better than he could before.

He patted her hand and replied, "Grandma, the knife missed her vitals organs. But Ella was bleeding heavily. Now the bleeding has been staunched and she is going to be all right. Don't worry."

Hearing this, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Ella, who was still in a coma, was wheeled out. Samuel walked up to her.

Staring at her pale face, Samuel felt pain in his heart.

"When will she wake up?"

Chuck folded the used handkerchief and put it back into his pocket. He would get it washed at home later.

Hearing the question, Chuck glanced again at Samuel. He felt sorry for Samuel, who didn't even know about his own daughter.

"In two hours."

Ella was taken to a luxury ward. Making sure that she was all right, Samuel grabbed Chuck's arm, who was preparing to leave.

Looking at his sleeve, Chuck frowned. But he suddenly remembered his wife warnings, "You need to see a psychiatrist to talk through your germophobia, or it will get worse."

He stopped frowning.

They walked outside to the corridor when Samuel stared sternly at him and asked, "I've got something to consult you about."

Consult? Chuck raised his eyebrows. Since when did Samuel ask for something so politely?

"What is it?"

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