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   Chapter 190 His Conspiracy Plan

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 7357

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Catherine almost fainted when they pushed her to the ground. Samuel stood there angry whilst Ella was shocked. How could she forget that Samuel was on Catherine's side?

Standing less than a meter from Samuel, she worked up a nerve and shouted at him, "Samuel, if you are feeling sorry for Catherine, me and you are over!"

She pointed at Samuel, with the broken glass dripping with Catherine's blood still in her hand.

It was a deliberate provocation towards Samuel.

Without glancing at Catherine, Samuel puffed out a cloud of smoke, took the broken glass from her and threw it in the dustbin near them.

Then he put his arm around her shoulder and said to the rest, "Let's get out of here!"

Five couples left the nightclub in their limousines, Leaving Catherine sitting on the ground without anybody to care for her.

Ella, Ella, Ella... She kept calling Ella's name in anger, her face awash with pain. Later, she went to a private hospital.

Five women, sitting next to their men who were driving, continued to chat animatedly in their Wechat group.

Lola typed 'We have to teach Catherine a lesson again.'

The rest of the four agreed.

'I will hold a party in a couple of days. You all should join and we will humiliate her in public.'

The home wrecker was hated by everyone, so the idea sounded like a good one.

Later on, the Wechat group went silent.

They all got home and were busy handling their family issues.

At The Royal Mansion.

Samuel was on top of Ella who was lying in the sofa. He was like a wolf, staring at its prey and ready to eat her.

"It seems that Mr. Shao feels sorry for Catherine. Is that right?" Ella challenged him, with a determined expression on her face. She reached to push him away from her.

She might as well have told Samuel the truth that she would not let Catherine and Emma lead a peaceful life. She was determined to teach them a lesson, whenever she saw them.

She thought he was pissed off because he had said nothing. However, Ella knew that if he got angry because of what she did to Catherine, she would get cross with him.

"Samuel, why do you treat me like this? On one hand, you feel sorry for Catherine; on

" They returned to Catherine's apartment. Polly started to look for the medical kit and babbled, "this party is for the famous women from the upper class society. How can you miss such a golden opportunity?"

When she was young, Catherine lived in wealth. But her father dissipated his money on gambling, drinking and a luxurious life, causing his company to almost become bankrupt.

Polly was the daughter of a county magistrate and she fancied Catherine's father for his money and married him at C Country.

Now Polly's husband had retired and her son had failed to become successful as a business man. The company was about to close down and she was divorcing Catherine's father.

Polly finally found the medical kit. She took the gauze out of the kit and taped it on Catherine's cuts.

"Mum. Do you know who made these cuts? It was Lola and her friends. It's not logical that Lola invited us to the tea party. The invitation seems a bit fishy." Catherine closed the kit and sat on the sofa, motionless.

She wasn't stupid and would not allow herself to fall into their obvious trap.

"I don't think so. You are thinking too much. I know what happened between you and Samuel. Emma and Elaine will be at the party as well. Emma had an affair with Samuel too. Perhaps they won't pay attention to you. Come on, let's go." Cupping her daughter's scarred face, Poly looked helplessly at her, trying to make the disappointment that she felt because of her.

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