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   Chapter 188 You Have My Word!

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Then Lola joined, and soon after everyone had joined in the conversation.

"I'll have to organize a party to officially welcome Ella back home tomorrow night. Luckily we have her back!" Daisy got rid of Chuck who was fiddling around and edited a message on her phone.

"Good idea!" agreed Lola.

"Do you still remember four years ago when we went shopping and had fun at a nightclub. That is a good night!" Lillian sighed, 'how times flies, ' she thought. Four years had passed and now she had had her second child.

"We'll get together tomorrow!" Tears rolled down Ella's cheeks. How lucky she was to have friends like them!

Anna had fallen asleep. After all the other girls had came to an agreement, Eason replied through Anna's phone, "Anna is asleep. She's not coming. Have fun!"

Ella sent him a sad emoji with the message, 'Eason, I'll ask Anna myself tomorrow. Have a good rest!

But the rest of us are definitely meeting up.'

Eason thought about it. Well, it may not be a bad idea to have Anna get out for fun. He replied, "Okay then."

It was already midnight when the girls reluctantly put down their phones to stop chatting and went to bed, urged by their husbands.

The next day after Ella woke up, she went to the kindergarten Eason arranged for Jane and attended the entry formalities.

After that, she went to Stars Shining Entertainment Company affiliated to SL Group where Eden was already waiting for her.

Ella had requested Harry to hire Eden as well. Together they were the ultimate package team and dynamic duo, and she didn't anyone else to be her agent.

As a result, Eden agreed to move to C Country for her.

A contract was placed in front of Ella who signed it without even reading it carefully.

Harry and Lola would never cheat her, so the contract was

put down her limited-edition handbag and angrily sat down opposite a man, "Mr. Fuller, I really doubt your reliability. Samuel suspects me! This is no good."

Abbot Fuller drew on his cigarette, his beard shaking in anger. He replied in poor English, "Miss Gu, we shouldn't be blamed. But they're too powerful!"

To prevent Samuel from finding more clues, a lot of people had been killed. The police was investigating these suspicious deaths with great intensity.

"I don't care. I paid you millions to get this job done. Don't you dare screw me over." Fevered, Catherine stood up from the chair and knocked over the wine Abbot Fuller was drinking.

He didn't feel sorry for the wine, though. It wasn't him that should pay for it.

"Behave yourself, in case the police discover what we have done."

"Why?! Ella is back! The bitch! I will never let her go. She makes me so mad. I have the itch to kill her right now! " Catherine hated Ella to the core.

"Miss Gu, calm down, or you'll get all of us killed." Finishing his last words, Abbot Fuller stood up, fixed his collar and strode out of the room.

Staring at the closing door, Catherine smashed a glass right at it, "Damn you idiots!"

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