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   Chapter 186 Taking You Back To C Country

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When people surrounded them, they began to whistle and whisper. Ella's heart was pounding rapidly. However, Samuel would not let her go, no matter how hard she tried.

'What a disgrace! Samuel, you bastard!' Ella thought to herself.

As they remained in their embrace, the crowd got rowdier with excitement. Ella purposely stepped on Samuel's brand new black leather shoes in anger.

Aware of her outrage, Samuel slightly frowned, and slowly let go of her.

"Did you learn something new from your mistake?" whispered Samuel in a seducing tone in her left ear.

Ella, who had bowed her head, trying to calm down, really couldn't fathom what Samuel was talking about. However, she did nothing but nod.

Seeing Ella nod repeatedly, Samuel finally released her.

For the next two to three hours, Samuel just stood quietly not far from the crew. Ella, who was wearing a sky blue crinoline dress of English royal style, had started to act her role as the princess.

Though she did not look like an authentic British person, Ella, was a good actress and was perfect to play the role of the character.

A standby actress, who originated from ?Hong Kong, approached Samuel, who was smoking.

"Hello, are you Mr. Shao?" asked the actress in a non-standard Mandarin ?language.

Since Samuel's eyes were focused entirely on Ella the whole time, he nodded carelessly without saying a single word.

"Mr. Shao, do you happen to know Ella?" asked the woman from Hong Kong tentatively. She knew she still had a chance if Ella was only his girlfriend.

After taking a draw on his cigarette, Samuel replied casually, "She is my wife." Since they were on a break from filming, Ella looked towards Samuel, who had a sly smile?on his face.

She had just given him a quick glance and then had turned her back to him.

"Oh!" Is it true that she was your ex-wife, as many people have claimed on social media?" At this moment, this was the last bit of hope for the woman.

Samuel shook his head, making her think she still had a chance. But what he said next

ver, will Ella, who seemed to hate him since the day she ran away, easily give in to his desire?

Ella was interrupted by Samuel's cell phone ringing.

He looked at the caller ID, contemplatively. After several seconds, he answered the phone. "Hello, " said Samuel, leading Ella into the bedroom with his arms around her waist.

Her apartment looked the same as the day he had left. Where had Ella been living since then?

Ella hung her coat onto the hanger, and Samuel started to focus on the phone call.

"Why would he insist on seeing me?"

"I can't. I'm not in country C at the moment."

"Okay. Bye."

Samuel hang up the phone, wondering why Drake beseeched him for a meeting with him.

Three minutes later, Samuel entered the kitchen, and found the refrigerator empty.

Samuel shook his head helplessly, went to the bedroom and opened the door. Ella was putting on her house clothes, Not expecting Samuel to show up. After some hesitation, she continued changing her clothes as if nothing happened.

When she buckled the first button, Samuel put his arms around her waist from behind.

"Seduce me?" Samuel said, in a deep voice in her left ear.

Ella rolled her eyes in anger. "Do you think everyone is as lascivious as you?" said Ella, coldly. She then squirmed free and threw the clothes she had worn during the day in the laundry hamper.

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