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   Chapter 184 Wrecking His Company

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 5541

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In confusion, Lola wondered why Samuel's mood had just shifted.

A woman was murmuring on the other side of the phone. "Why aren't you talking? Come over here quickly. I've drank a whole bottle already. Now get your ass here..."

'Why hasn't Samuel contacted me? He must be seeing other girls and has forgotten about me.

He's a jerk! I'll give him hell if I see him ever again.' These words rung in Ella's mind, which made her more upset.

"Ella!" Ella gasped in shock, thinking that she had just hallucinated hearing the familiar voice.

What the hell? It was Samuel's voice.

Then she burped. Looking at her phone, she

Realized that she was indeed calling Samuel.

She hastily hung up the phone, trying to pull herself together.

It was all Eden's fault. They had arranged to meet half an hour later but he hadn't shown up yet. Her phone buzzed just when she was about to call Eden. Seeing the Caller ID, Ella became frightened and almost dropped the phone.

Jesus! Christ! Samuel wouldn't let her get away with it that easily.

She immediately deleted the A in front of Eden's name in the phone directory. She wanted to add an "A" to prioritize, But to her mind right now it was a terrible mistake. For some unknown reasons, she began to cry.

Samuel called her again and again but Ella rejected all of the calls. Finally Eden appeared in the club.

She staggered along as Eden held her by the hands out of the club. The phone kept buzzing.

Why was he being so stubborn? Why couldn't he just stop calling?

Ella used to like her ringtone, Ran Across You, sung by a Chinese pop singer Sun Yanzi but now she was fed up with it.

wards the insolent hero.

"Wait, wait... Ella, calm down. Jason is violent." An actress stopped her.

Jason seemed to have someone influential protecting him. That was why, even the director turned a blind eye to his terrible performance.

Ella gave her a comforting look and stood in front of the poser. "Jason, Can you stop playing with your hair and displaying a simpering smile. Get your cues right this time."

Provoked by the repeated endless shooting, Jason found his punch bag.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Mind your own business!" His expression frightened everyone within hearing distance.

He pretended he was a gentleman but now his mask was revealed.

Eden hurried to stop the brewing war. "Have you heard about his background and violence issues?" he whispered in her ear. "Are you crazy?"

Exasperated, Ella released Eden's hand and shouted heatedly, "Jason, we've been shooting the same scene like a thousand times. Do you know why?"

"Yes, I do. I suggest to change the second-rate director!"

People on the scene were taken back by Jason's absurd accusation.

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