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   Chapter 183 Longing For Mr. Shao

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The salary that Harry offered Ella was tempting, several times higher than the one the American company was paying her. The payment of filming wasn't included in it.

Ella, of course, didn't have a clue of what was going on behind the scenes.

"Okay, I will think about it. My contract expires in a month." She still had a long way to go. It was too early for her to think about the offer.

On the other side of the phone, Lola played with the golden button on the shirt that Harry was wearing, "Ella, come back. We all miss you so much." She did her best to persuade Ella. But it was ultimately up to Ella.

"I miss you too. Thank you, Lola. Please give my thanks to Harry too." Lola's words warmed her heart. During her stay in America, she had hardly made any friends, so, these words made her taste the happiness of friendship once again.

"Don't mention it. Do think about it. We are waiting for you. When you come back, we'll have a good get-together." Again, Lola's words touched her.

After hanging up the phone, Ella went to her villa to see Jane, then hurried back to the apartment as usual.

Samuel was making dinner when she arrived. She was famished, and couldn't wait to taste all the different dishes that Samuel had made for her.

At night, after taking a shower, she lay in the bed and read through her Weibo timeline. The pictures of her and Samuel still floated around on the internet, and still garnered a lot of attention.

Many fans asked her on her Weibo if she and Samuel were together again. Ella was shocked by this question and did not know how to reply to it.

Deep in thought, the door of the bedroom was open and Samuel emerged, after he finalized on a phone call.

Seeing Ella playing with her phone, he took it away and switched off the bedside lamp. Then, he lay down and held her in his arms.

Ella's heart danced with happiness with his hugging. Her mood had been the same, since she started staying with him recently.

Darkness enveloped them as Samuel kissed her, passionately, the heat between them rising. Ella also returned the kiss.

"Ella." Samuel whispered beside her ear.

"Hm?" Her breath had quickened, with his skilled kissing and touching, and did not know what he was going to say.

Samuel stopped what he was doing, "I'm flying out tomorrow."

Her s

Ella is coming back. I have done you a big favor. Think about how to thank me, Mr. Shao!"

With a smile on his face, Samuel filled Lola's glass with beer, then he refilled his as well, "Thank you, Lola. Here is to you."

Lola took up her glass and was about to drink it when Harry took it from her.

"Mr. Shao, what is the meaning of drinking with my wife?"

Samuel had drunk and finished his beer already.

"Relax friend. If I wanted to get her drunk, I wouldn't have poured her a beer." Samuel glanced at Harry, whose face was slightly cold, with contempt. He cherished Lola so much.

"It's okay, Harry. It's just a glass of beer. Let's enjoy ourselves!" She said as she reached out to grab the glass of beer. But Harry drank it at one go.

Putting aside the empty glass before Lola, Harry opened two bottles of white spirit, one in front of him, the other in front of Samuel.

"Mr. Shao, let's see who can hold his liquor."

Samuel took the bottle and was prepared to take up the challenge. Then he remembered the words he told Ella four years ago. That every time he wanted to drink, he would let her know first.

"Wait a moment." He put down the bottle and retrieved his phone from the pocket.

Just as he held it, Ella's face illuminated the screen. She was calling him.

Samuel smiled. It's as if they had a telepathic connection.

"Hey, Eden. Pick me up at Hello club. I swear this whisky will kill me. Hurry up, or I'll be dead..."

Samuel's demeanor changed when he heard Ella's drunken voice. His smile faded away.

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