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   Chapter 181 I Don't Want to Be a Monk

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After sometime, Ella wiped away tears from her face and walked away from Samuel, "I'm doing well now, and I plan to make a better life for myself. So I want you to go and never come to see me again." Free from Samuel's skepticism, or anyone else's really, she could finally live a happy life.

'She said she doesn't want to be bothered, ' Samuel gasped. Once again in this moment, Samuel felt that heart-striking pain.

"Samuel, please, just leave me alone. It would be better for us to not see each other anymore." Ella was truly tired of the feeling of being mistrusted.

Samuel looked around and spotted a bench not far away from where they were. He took Ella by the arm and headed towards it.

He sat on it and then let Ella sit on his laps. Then he put her head on his shoulder, "Ella, we are meant to be together. That's something you can't deny." Feeling guilty, he fondled her long black hair. It was extremely slick and soft, making Samuel wonder what shampoo she used.

Ella cried even more when she heard Samuel's words, and she kept punching him on the chest and shoulders.

"No, you are insane. Samuel, I hate you. I don't want to be with you anymore." She felt lucky that she left with Daisy and gave birth to baby Jane.

She loved baby Jane more than anything else in this world, including her own life.

Cupping Ella's cheeks, Samuel kissed her lips, "I'm sorry, Ella." From then on, Samuel vowed to never mistrust Ella.

"I'll never forgive you!" She broke loose from his arms and stood up.

But Samuel pulled her back after she took a step away.

"Ella, you are the one who have been pursuiting me, remember? Now, let me be the one to pursuit you, okay?"

"Don't mention it! I was such a fool back then." Samuel's expensive suit was stained with Ella's tears.

He smiled bitterly and coaxed Ella, "You were no fool. You made me the luckiest guy in the world."

"Well, that's true." With Samuel's apology, compromise and sweet words, the atm

what she asked for was too much since all of these three rules were to keep him away.

While she was considering if she should make some changes, Samuel spoke, "We will see."


In an instant, the last twinge of guilt in Ella's heart fleeted away.

As they waited at a red light, looking at Ella, who kept rolling her eyes at him, Samuel kissed her, catching her off guard.

"Sam... Sam..." Ella was so angry that she couldn't utter the latter part of his name.

"Focus on driving! Ugh, you rascal!"

Old? Rascal? Samuel raised his eyebrows, "Did you just call me old, Ella?" He was just asked by someone last month if he was 25.

"You're over thirty. Of course you're old." 'What a shameless man, trying to pretend to be younger."

As the light turned red, Ella saw that it had began drizzling outside. Weather like this made Ella sentimental again.

She didn't know if the things she said would work, because, except for saying sorry and sweet words, Samuel didn't directly answer her discontentment.

However, if Samuel did want to get back together with her, he wouldn't neglect her feelings.

She decided if Samuel treated her the same way he had before, she would definitely leave him.

As they arrived at the apartment, Samuel held Ella in her arms and covered her head with his coat.

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