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   Chapter 179 Sum Is Getting Married

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If Samuel behaved himself, she wouldn't be angry, and she would certainly drink less.

If he did not, alcohol would be a necessity. She needed to use alcohol to numb herself at times.

The man opposite her didn't think that way. Her saying that "We will see" meant to him that it depended on the situation at that moment.

"If you don't behave, I will still do the things that I have told you i will do."

Huh? The woman looked at him at a loss and felt confused. He had threatened to do numerous things and Ella didn't know what he was referring to now.

"I will end your career in the entertainment industry." He warned, with no hint of joking in his eyes.



"Ella!" Another voice interrupted and broke the tension between them.

Thanks to Samuel, she hadn't even worn a mask or glasses before leaving the apartment. It wasn't surprising that someone would recognise her. But the voice sounded so familiar.

When they looked up, Ella's eyes widened while Samuel's became darker.

"Sum!" What a coincidence! Ella stood up from the chair excitedly at the sight of her old friend. It's a small world indeed.

Ella and Sum happily hugged, and Samuel and Sum simply shook hands.

"I've been in America for two years." Sum smiled and explained to her.

From Sum's smile, Ella saw a different person. His smile was bright and his body radiated joy and calmness.

Samuel held Ella's hand which was on the table. She couldn't help looking at him, and found his eyes glistening with displeasure.

Ella took back her hand and smiled at Sum, "I've been here for two years also."

"I know." Sum took in every detail of what was happening, but his expression remained stolid.

"Did you come here alone?" Samuel's eyes were filled with anger. Ella had to think about every word before saying it.

Sum smiled and shook his head from side to side. At that moment, a tall strong blonde man came to Sum's side.

He spoke to Sum, which made Ella's eyes grow wider in shock.

"Dear, the

ng closer to her, and pinched her delicate chin.

"Oh, okay okay." No more thinking, no more thinking! Samuel almost kissed her. Ella reminded herself to never think of another man in the presence of Samuel ever again, or she would be in trouble.

Samuel was satisfied and took back his hand. Then, he started eating.

Women are so much trouble, Samuel thought as he scooped more delicious porridge in his mouth.

"I don't want millet porridge, Samuel, the porridge is the same. Let me have wheat kernel and pumpkin porridge."

"Finish this first."

"No! I hate the millet porridge. If I don't get the type I want, I'm not going to eat at all." Ella threw the spoon in the bowl and it clattered against it loudly. They stared at each other stubbornly.

She just didn't want to eat millet porridge!

Half a minute later, Samuel called the waiter, "Another wheat kernel and pumpkin porridge, please."

"Yes sir, please wait a moment."

Ella stopped frowning, and happily pushed the millet porridge aside and waited for her wheat kernel and pumpkin porridge.

Samuel finished up his and her portion of millet porridge within a few minutes.

This surprised Ella. Samuel even had her leftovers.

Later, Ella went to the restroom, taking the opportunity to call the villa and she then spoke with her daughter for 10 minutes.

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