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   Chapter 178 Take Good Care of Your Kidney

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6997

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Samuel thought Harry was just saying that. He did not give it much thought that Ella had left him for four years, just like Lola did. "What reaction? Well, you can tell me what's your secret to getting back together with Lola." After all they had gone through, Harry could still get Lola back. You had to hand it to Harry. He was indeed a resourceful man.

"Well, I just have a thick skin and I never give up." Harry was telling the truth. He was really not good at pursuing girls.

It's just as likely that Lola was moved by his persistence.

A thick skin? Persistence? It reminded Samuel about something Ella had said that morning. "How can you have such thick skin?"

Yes. He was thick-skinned enough to chase after her in America. But she was showing no interest in him up to now.

"Okay. Don't forget what I told you and start implementing it as soon as possible. I'm busy trying to finding the mastermind who framed her." Every time Samuel thought of Ella's safety, the idea of bringing her back to C Country became more and more ideal.

The mastermind? It reminded Harry that his ex-girlfriend was the cause of everything between him and Lola.

"You should keep your eyes open for people around you. Ella is very simple and innocent, just like Lola. She won't stir up trouble for herself. Watch out for people around you." The mastermind could be Emma or Catherine. It was possible.

What Harry said made Samuel get lost in thought.

He had investigated almost everyone except for one particular woman.

"Okay. I will do that right now."

After hanging up the phone, Samuel glanced at his contact list and called someone "Concentrate the investigation on Catherine."

"Yes. Investigate everything about her from four years ago. EVERYTHING."

"No problem. I will ask my secretary to send you the money."

"No thanks. Sorry for the trouble."

After ending the call, Samuel sat on the sofa and thought about Catherine's each and every move. Outwardly, she was clean from any suspicion but Samuel wasn't convinced.

It was almost 7:00 pm when Samuel switched off

d. You will be sorry for your impotence later " Ella said in a low voice.


Even though she said it in a low voice, Samuel heard it clearly.


"It's not going to happen."


'I will get even with you later for saying those words, ' Samuel said to himself.

Samuel found a restaurant that specialised in serving porridge after a long drive, but only ordered millet gruel and bland vegetables for Ella. This immediately led to her protest.

"I HATE millet gruel! So I will have Braised Fish in Brown Sauce, and Drunken Chicken..." Ella pointed to two meat dishes on the menu, and said to the waiter.

"No. We will have what I have ordered, and please make it two portions." Samuel stopped Ella with his hand and said to the waiter.

"Yes Sir. I'll be back with your order in a few minutes."

"Hey! Why are you so mean?" said Ella. She gnashed her teeth in anger, unconsciously.

Samuel put the water in front of her and looked expectantly at the dissatisfied girl and said "You can order anything you want after you stop drinking and after you have healed."

Remembering that she was taken to hospital because of a stomach ache, Ella cooled down a little bit. 'But you are to blame.' She murmured to herself.

"We will see." Ella spoke those two words, which although were vague, had a clear meaning. It all depended on whether Samuel behaved himself.

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