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   Chapter 177 Desire

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Samuel felt happier after seeing the comments below his and Ella's first post on Weibo. In those comments, people all hoped they could restore their marriage.

As a matter of fact, their divorce settlement never went into effect. So they were still legally married couple.

So he had sex with his wife just as in the old days.

The doorbell rang again, yanking him out of his dream-like state. It was the delivery guy.

He had ordered lots of food such as pizza, hamburger, spaghetti for lunch. After unpacking the food, he went to the bedroom. Seeing Ella was sound sleep, he smiled with satisfaction.

'Ella, you will not escape from me for the rest of your life. If you want to play this game, I will play it with you', he thought.


Samuel called her gently. However, Ella was still asleep.

At this moment, she was in a dream. She dreamt that she was on an international stage with the crowd casting admiring and envious eyes on her.

Among the crowd, there was Samuel, adoring her. She felt happy.

Then suddenly, Samuel rushed towards her and shouted, "Ella, my wife."

She felt her heartbeat quicken as he approached, "I am not your wife." They had divorced along time ago.

Though half-asleep, she could not accept him. Samuel knew she was in a dream, so he had to let her sit up and lean against him.

"Ella, wake up. It's time for lunch." His words and actions did not rouse her. Instead, she found a cozy place for her head on his arm and continued to sleep.

There was no way to wake her up so he lowered his head, kissing and touching her. She finally woke up two minutes later.

She opened her eyes and saw Samuel's face close to hers. It was a handsome face. Slightly frowning, she complained gracefully, "Samuel, am I that annoying to you that you wouldn't let me sleep?" She was too sleepy to do any thing.

Samuel smiled. How could she be annoying to him? Even though she made mistakes, he still loved her.

He carried her into the living room and laid her on the sofa. Ella woke up fully.

"Eat!" He pushed the food on the table towards her and ladled some soup f

ossed his legs. Since he and Lola settled down, he had gotten accustomed to making jokes.

Leaning against the sofa, staring at bedroom door, Samuel replied, "I have no choice but to act like this. You know, you and Chuck are boring and humorless. So Eason and I have to act like clowns to complement you two. To make a perfect match you know?"

Perfect match? "Screw you! I'm heterosexual. You really think you are humorous? If so, how do you explain that a dozen of your assistants have left their jobs?" Harry replied with a teasing smile. The time after Anna left her position, before Molly was employed, Samuel was ill-tempered. No less than ten new assistants resigned from his office.

Samuel also recalled the period when Ella left him. The more he recalled these memories, the more he wanted to get her to C Country.

"If you want to be invited to our wedding party ASAP, you should hurry up and hire her." He would compensate Ella with a big wedding party just as he promised her four years earlier.

On the other side of the phone, Harry burst into laughter when Jane came to his mind. Lola had told him about Jane. He was to keep her a secret and not tell Samuel under any circumstances.

"Samuel, it's now your turn to taste the misery that I have suffered years ago. I am looking forward to see how you react. Hahahahaha!" He was eager to see Samuel's reaction when he found out the truth.

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