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   Chapter 176 Are You Going to Remarry Ella

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6791

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Samuel was about to say something before the two sales women brought a pile of bags and boxes to them.

So he checked the goods quickly and instructed the sales women to take them to the cashier for payment. Ella stopped him and asked, "Samuel, if you pay for these, do they belong to me?"

Seeing Ella's thoughtful expression, Samuel realized that he couldn't win her back easily, which he had expected before. He mulled over it for a while and answered conservatively, "Sort of."

Ella wondered what he meant by that and blurted, "Can I handle them as I wish?"

Hearing this question, Samuel knew immediately what she wanted to do.

Samuel pulled Ella aside, and said to the sales women, "Take me to the cashier desk."

Ella wanted to go with them, but froze due to Samuel's piercing stare.

Samuel made the payment with his credit card without any hesitation, and ordered the sales women to unpack them all.

He knew Ella wanted to resell the products, but without the packages, she couldn't be able to do that.

While the sales women were removing the packages, Samuel opened one bottle of face cream to smell its scent. It was nice, not very strong, but quite pleasant.

After the sales women unpacked all the goods, Samuel took the skin care products and left the department store delightfully with Ella.

Ella wasn't happy at all. She kept gazing at what they had bought on their way out, grieving over the money they had spent.

'Damn, Samuel removed all the packages. I can't sell them now, ' thought Ella.

No-one would purchase unpacked items, so Ella had to keep them all.

When they arrived at the apartment, Ella took the vegetables into the kitchen and started to wash her kitchenware.

She also put seafood in the container, and started to clean the tomatoes as well.

Samuel sat on the sofa near the kitchen door and watched Ella working in the kitchen. The scene stirred up something inside him.

He couldn't help but enter the kitchen.

Ella had just completed cleaning the tomatoe

would take measures according to Ella's deeds. If she refused to obey his words, he would ruin her career and lock her up forever.

If she was obedient, he would allow her to develop her career, in a decent way of course. There would be no more of those damned TV series or photos.

Eden nodded, "Fine then. Do I need to stop the news from spreading?" He asked Samuel for direction unconsciously, because somehow he found in Samuel all the merits a good leader should have. 'Maybe he should have been a CEO, like Harry Si, ' Eden thought.

Samuel shook his head, because it was he who wanted people to know about their relationship. So, there was no reason to stop it.

Eden nodded and left. He was thoughtful.

Samuel returned to the bedroom where Ella was asleep peacefully.

Seeing this, Samuel smiled and then went back to the living room where he portioned Ella's medicine according to the doctor's instruction, and waited for his food to be delivered.

He went back to browsing the news on Weibo again, and there he found an official post with their photos. In one picture, he was kissing Ella in a car. In the other one, they were shopping together.

The title was "Truth Or Rumor: Are World-famous Lawyer Samuel and the Superstar Ella going to remarry?"

The photos even had the specific time and location that they were taken.

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