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   Chapter 175 Just For One Week A Month

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They walked to the fresh food section and picked up some tomatoes. Ella turned around and said, "I don't want to be with you in secret." She was trying to get away from him, from the man who was cruel enough to make her go through an abortion.

"Be my girl then and I'll protect you." He pushed the cart and stopped in front of the fish and shrimp section.

Their conversation circled back to the beginning. Ella didn't bother to argue with him so she picked some shrimp and other types of seafood. Then they proceeded to the second floor of the supermarket for more items.

As Ella was watching, Samuel picked expensive toothbrushes and threw them into the cart.

'Aren't there new toothbrushes at my place?' Ella thought. When she was carried into the bathroom by him the night before, she could faintly remember seeing him brush his teeth.

"Did you buy the type with the hard bristles? You're stingy." He looked at her and shook his head. Then, he put his chosen toothbrushes back on the shelf and chose a different set of toothbrushes that were similar in colour.

... Why was she being stingy? The toothbrush she bought was not cheap at all. and allthough it was half the price he had just got, she only used it occasionally and didn't need to buy any expensive ones.

After walking around the entire supermarket and picking out what she needed, Ella accompanied Samuel to the beauty counter upstairs. Samuel wanted to buy some skin care products for himself.

Passing the facial mask aisle, Ella lingered off.

Samuel continued walking and speaking to himself, when he noticed that Ella had wandered off by herself. When he looked back, he found Ella was already in a shop.

He reluctantly shook his head and followed her, finding her selecting facial masks.

The sales assistant next to her was speaking to her about more expensive facial masks, but Ella refused.

Samuel looked at the price of the facial masks and found it was 888 for a pack of ten.

The facial mask worked in three ways, with caviar collagen to hydrate, ocean essence to moisturise and Himalayan cliff honey to nourish the skin.

"How man

an daughter who could play with Jane.

Samuel smiled. He was not in a hurry and had time to tempt Ella. "Your son is going to marry Harry's daughter. Won't you save some money for your son?"

Her son? Ella almost choked on her own saliva. Samuel was so fickle. Didn't he always say that it was his son, who had nothing to do with her?

"Aren't you going to save money for your son as a father?"

"No." Samuel answered decisively. Although he didn't mean it, he still said it just to mess with her.

... Ella was speechless and said helplessly, "Samuel, Jerry is your son. Why are you being so heartless?"

"Well, you caught me. I am a heartless man. It is enough for him to have you as a mother to love him." He also expected Ella to give him another daughter to make him happy.

Seeing Samuel so unkind, Ella wondered how Jerry had spent the last few years with him.

He made it sounded like she really need to save up money for her son to marry a wife.

But it was okay. It was enough for Samuel to admit that she was Jerry's mother! "Well, I would have to work hard to get acting and modelling contracts in the future." She said, decisively. Ella sighed deeply, her words making Samuel stunned in silence. The tables had turned.

Initially, he wanted to sell her the idea that she needed him to secure Jerry's future.

But now, she made it sounded like he was forcing her to work harder than before.

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