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   Chapter 170 Mild-Intermittent Psychosis

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Samuel lowered his voice unconsciously. He was trying to pacify her,"Ella, I mean no harm. I just want to remind you that without solid evidence, your words will be nothing but Catherine's weapon against you. She could accuse you easily!"

"Okay, those two cases aside, there is also enough reason for me to revenge on them, as they have framed me so many times before!" Ella wiped her tears away and thought, 'You didn't need to cry. It is a waste to cry for Samuel if he doesn't trust you!'

Samuel thought Ella was just upset, so he replied,"Ella, do you know what you did has already harmed Emma and Catherine? Word has it Catherine is about to commit suicide and Emma... She is suffering more than her sister."

"That's enough, Samuel. You said they are suffering. How about me? Didn't I suffer? When I was framed, you believed not a word I said. I was totally helpless. Have you ever cared? Have you ever experienced what I have experienced?" Ella couldn't tolerate his words any more, for Samuel always thought in Emma's and Catherine's favor, never hers. He had never been on her side.

Ella's unreconciled answer made Samuel pinch his glabella, wondering if she was talking about what had happened four years earlier. Had he really misunderstood her?

But before figuring that out, he must solve the current problem first, so he asked,"Ella, who is using the account named 'Ella'?" It was unlikely to be Ella's account, Samuel thought, because it could be easily associated with Ella. His ex-wife wouldn't have done such a silly thing! Someone might be trying to frame her.

But to Samuel's surprise, Ella admitted,"What's your opinion? Isn't it like my account? Who else could be 'Ella'? Huh?" Her acknowledgement, though somehow satirical, made Samuel crazy.

"Ella, before you make the next move, let me handle it and then you can..."

"Shut up, Samuel! If you ask someone to delete those video clips, I will be your lifetime enemy," interrupted Ella furiously. Then she hung up the phone. She didn't want to see or hear from him ever again.

He didn't trust her at all, the same as four years earlier.

Her tears streamed down her face in torrents.

Meanwhile, Samuel called her again, but sh

That made him much busier, as more people requested him, a competent lawyer, for help. He needed to complete his work, represent his clients in court, do the investigation and guarantee Amber's safety.

He worked far into the night every day when everybody was asleep. In fact, he usually stayed awake till 2 a.m in the morning.

Sometimes, he missed Jerry, and sometimes he missed Ella, who had left him again without a word.

He checked her video clips online, thousands of times. He also dialled her number many times, but never made the call.

Ella became maturer and prettier, probably because her company's strategy to make her a sexy beauty suited her well.

Whenever she was in front of the public, she wore either cardinal or scarlet lipstick.

And she was accompanied by different men; a company president in an awarding ceremony or a silver-spoon young man at a party.

As a result, three months after Ella's departure, Samuel couldn't restrain himself and bought a flight ticket to Los Angeles.

Ella, likewise, couldn't help but think about Samuel late at night, even though he had irritated her on numerous occasions.

To hide her feelings, she went to different places with different men intentionally, just to provoke Samuel.

But she doubted if he would pay attention to the news about her. Recalling his distrust, Ella thought she was silly, because it was she who always tried to restore their relationship, while Samuel never treasured it.

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