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   Chapter 168 Tension Running High

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"Ella, you are such a cold-hearted woman! How could you desert me and our child and run away? Do you know how hard I have tried to find you?" He held her in his arms, accusing her of being callous.

"Eh..." It seemed she was the one to blame.

"According to Catherine, if you really loved me, you would have definitely showed up after seeing me with another woman." When Catherine told him this, he didn't believe it at first.

She also said that she would immediately step back if Ella appeared. After some initial hesitation, he conceded.

But Ella was unmoved by Samuel and Catherine making their frequent appearances on the silver screen.

Samuel decided to go even further by announcing his engagement to Catherine.

However, Ella really had no heart for him. 'Didn't she love him? Why wouldn't she show up, after all he had done for her?'

He had done all he could to force her to come back to him.

However, he couldn't find her anywhere, and had became increasingly bad-tempered.

Looking at Samuel, his eyes glinting with sincerity, Ella almost got absorbed.

"Samuel, don't fake it. You know why I left. Don't you know how much I hate you? We will never be together again." She was in a bad mood. The things Samuel brought up added to her pain.

She pushed Samuel away, untied her seat belt, and was about to get out of the car before

She was pulled back inside. He held her in her arms and kissed her red lips, in one swift move.

"Don't hate me, Ella. Let me chase after you again, will you?" whispered Samuel in a seducing and soft voice near her left ear.

He would hate it if he lost her. Angry as he was with her, his wrath subsided every time he saw her lovely face.

Thinking about Jane, Ella formed a fist. "You'll never have my heart again. I hate you. I don't want to be with you." She shoved him away, opened the door and jumped out.

Samuel chased after her without hesitation, but he was held back.

"Samuel, if you follow me, I will never forgive you!"

She glanced at the man in anger, and quickly ran away fr

o several years ago. Please do not intervene in our private affairs."

Netizens figured out something unusual.

'Does Mr. Shao still love his ex-wife?'

'Mr. Shao, were you really tricked into engaging Miss Gu?'

'Samuel, you are shit! You hurt two women at the same time.'


Ella looked at Samuel's tweet emotionally. The words 'Ella and I had been doing what lovers were supposed to do' nearly made her cry.

Only then did she realize that she was so impulsive that she had messed it up.

She remembered that, from an anonymous number, she had received a photo showing Catherine holding Samuel in her arms.

She took a deep breath and continued to text: 'There are three hundred and sixty trades, but Miss Gu precisely chooses to be the third woman and is proud to let the entire world know.'

She still mentioned Catherine this time.

When netizens began to criticize Catherine in the comment area, Catherine called Emma, "Sister, you have the video where Ella went into Samuel's room, don't you? Can you send it to me?"

Their relationship had come to a grinding halt the moment Catherine and Samuel officially announced their relations.

Although the two didn't get this out in the open, Emma blamed Catherine in her heart.

Catherine also felt embarrassed when she faced Emma. Since then, the two sisters rarely got in touch with each other.

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