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   Chapter 167 Angry Ella

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She suddenly got an idea and put her index finger on it. The fingerprint lock gave a tinkle. And with that, the door to the villa opened.

She looked at the open villa door in wonder. Even though the house was no longer hers, Why was her fingerprint still able to unlock the door?

Thinking of Samuel's previous attitude, she shook her head in an attempt to stop making wild guesses. He must have forgotten to delete it.

She walked in, switched on the lights and put on her slippers.

Knowing that she could not escape, she took the initiative to go to the second floor.

Samuel, who was close behind, saw her figure disappearing towards the second floor and smiled with satisfaction.

Well done! She did make some progress!

Inside the bedroom, Ella found a pair of pajamas and went into the bathroom.

When Samuel walked in, the bathroom door was locked. He gave two leisurely knocks and threatened, "Ella, open the door now or I'll kick it open if you don't." Then he went to get his robe and heard the bathroom lock wiggle open behind him. Samuel smiled happily.

It is past midnight.

Samuel put her on the bed, covering her with a blanket. He then proceeded to kiss her on the forehead and went into the study.

After he left, Ella opened her eyes.

Retrieving her phone, she opened her file manager and typed in her password. Finally she pulled up a video.

The candid video she took of Emma in the office last time could be accessed now.

Ella looked at the phone for a while and then fell asleep. She didn't know when the phone fell to the floor.

Early the next morning, Ella was awakened by the sound of her phone ringing.

She fumbled for a long time and couldn't find her phone, but she did find something very strange.

Ella's brain was fully awake when she realised what it was.

She opened her eyes and happened to look at Samuel's playful eyes.

Ella immediately pulled her hand back in embarrassment, but Samuel rolled over and put her underneath him.

"Come on, don't be like that. My phone is still ringing!" She pushed Samuel aside and picked up her phone from the floor.

Samuel pressed on her again.

being seen with me?"

If she dared admit it, Samuel would immediately stop the car and lecture her.

"Samuel, I won't forgive you even if you pester me!" Ella took a deep breath and said what was on her mind.

She didn't know why she felt uneasy, so she waited for his answer nervously.

Samuel parked the car on the side of the road and pulled Ella over, their eyes making contact.

Samuel's eyes were eager, "Ella, what if I chased after you this time?"

Ella was stunned by him. 'Was he going after her?

Did she hear it wrong? Did Samuel just say that he would go after her?'

"Samuel, you're such a jerk..." The woman shook her head sadly. "... you have a fiancee, and now you're going after your ex-wife. Mr. Shao, do you want to have several mistresses at the same time?"

Samuel remembered that Catherine was also trouble, "Listen to me, please. Catherine, she was..."

"I don't want to hear your explanation, and you don't have to make excuses. Samuel, you bastard!" Ella interrupted his explanation, covering her ears and refusing to listen.

Samuel held his hand to his forehead. His intentions were to make Ella jealous, But now she was also angry, and would not even listen to his explanation.

He forcibly removed her hands from her ears, "Ella, my engagement to Catherine at the time was bogus."

Was it bogus? Ella, suddenly became quiet.

She looked at Samuel in bewilderment. What did he mean?

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