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   Chapter 166 Wily Opponent

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Amber's mindset was she wanted the verdict to come early so she could be put to death and the nightmare to be over.

Ella glanced around the room and saw a camera behind her.

Moving her position to block the camera, Ella took out a thick wad of cash from her bag and gave it to the two policewomen, "Please give us a few minutes."

Since there was a camera on the wall behind Ella, if Ella even moved slightly, their interaction would be clearly photographed. The two policewomen flatly refused the money.

"Sorry, we can't accept any bribes." In fact, it is only them who knew if they had ever been bribed.

Suddenly, when Ella was in that dilemma, someone outside called out, "Everyone gather here at once! ."

The two policewomen immediately put the cash in their pockets then, looked at Ella harshly, "You better hurry up. We'll be right back."

"Thank you, thank you very much." Ella was not relieved until she saw them close the door.

She walked back towards Amber, "I know you have a reason for why you did it."

Her first words made Amber unable to stay calm. Amber opened her eyes and looked at Ella in shock. How did Ella know?

At this moment, there was slight movement outside the door.

Ella listened carefully and thought that someone seemed to be approaching to eavesdrop, so she changed the topic.

"Are you all right here?" Ella took Amber's small hand. Several of her fingers were broken. Amber closed her eyes in pain without crying out.

Ella could hardly see the tears in her eyes. She couldn't help wondering what could have caused a top actress to fall into such misery within a few days.

Amber wanted to take back her hand, since she didn't need anyone to sympathise with her. But her hands couldn't move, so she had to let Ella hold her.

Ella would't give up, although she didn't get an answer.

"Amber, why did you do that to me?" Her fingers gently wrote the question silently on Amber's palm.

The only answer was silence.

"I hate you, Amber. If Samuel hadn't arrived, I would have been violated." What Ella was talking about was no secret.

"Amber, the verdict is coming soon.

I used

t say it, so he didn't ask again, instead he took her for dinner.

At Samuel's Law Firm, In the office of Miss. Gu.

It was almost the end of the working day, and Catherine was sitting in her seat, listening to the report from the other end of the line.

"Very well, " she said at last, "Kill her before the verdict is decided.

What did they talk about?"

"Money is not an issue. I'll send five million to you later. You should break through all the key links and deal with all the trouble."

Samuel sent people to investigate the matter very rigorously, they did not even miss any minuscule clue. If she hadn't acted fast, some vital information would have come to light.

She also knew what a terrible situation she was in. It had become a secret struggle between her and Samuel.

It seemed that Samuel had no upper hand, but it was because she had obliterated all the evidence.

Once Samuel found evidence about what she had done, she would soon be finished.

So the best way to solve all her problems was to kill Amber.

After hanging up, Catherine deleted records of all suspicious calls. Any evidence that might lead to her needed to be dealt with.

At the Royal Mansion, Samuel went to park the car in the garage and Ella walked towards the villa door, albeit bored.

She inadvertently noticed that the lock on the door to the villa was still the fingerprint lock just like before. Nothing had changed.

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