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   Chapter 165 Ella's Visit

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Eric was shocked at the amount of money that had been transferred. He called Ellie back and told her that the money was too much since the project was more than halfway done.

Samuel reiterated that the surplus was to increase the salaries of the film crew.

Eric understood.

It turned out that everything Samuel had done including the huge sum of money, were all for Ella.

Samuel spent all that money just to please her. Somehow Eric felt pity for their divorce, because they seemed to still love each other dearly.

Meanwhile, Ella was watching the kids play in Daisy's house. She got a call from Eric.

"Hello, Mr. Eric." Holding the phone, she walked towards the balcony.

Ella was astonished by what the director said next.

He informed her that a new leading star had been selected and was ready to film the play, and the crew were waiting for her.

'The whole crew is waiting for me?' Ella felt embarrassed.

"Okay, I see. Mr. Eric, I will come to the set tomorrow."

She would feel bad if it was true.

Looking absent-minded, she just hung up. Daisy asked, "Ella, what happened?"

The most popular news these days concerned her. 'How could it be Amber? She doesn't seem to be that kind of person!'

Ella thought. She planned to visit Amber the following day.

"And I have to restart filming, please take care of Jane for me." She was too embarrassed to look at Daisy.

Lovingly, Daisy gazed at Ella, "Jane is such a good girl. I have already taken her as my future daughter-in-law. Hahaha."

Jane was only born a few days earlier than Sven.

And he grew up with Jane. What a perfect match!

"Well, only if your Sven wants to."

Sitting on the sofa quietly, Sven seemed to dislike Jane, who was playing with toys.

Upon hearing the two adults conversation, he refused their suggestion, "Mom, I don't want Jane to be my girlfriend!"

"Hmph, Sven, no one wants to marry a wei

irst time Ella had stepped into a women's prison. Before that, she had only been detained at the police station for one day because of Catherine's frame-up.

Rows of prisoners were working out in a playground not far away. It was just as she had seen on TV.

She realised how realistic some shows could be.

Amber was in her cell where there was only a bed and a desk. The cell was small but neat.

Amber didn't look well.

She seemed to have lost a lot of weight and she could barely get up from the bed.

Her body was almost covered by bruises and knife cuts were all over her face, which made her look extremely terrifying.

Ella couldn't help but sympathise. She couldn't imagine the pain this girl had been through. She began to vacillate between loathe and compassion for her.

Upon hearing the movements, Amber opened her tired eyes.

She was shocked to see Ella. An instant later, her face became stolid again.

"I'd like to speak with her in private." Ella turned around and politely said to the two policewomen behind her.

They looked at each other and one of them shook her head, "No private meeting is allowed for this felon."

They surely were aware of the reason.

While Ella tried to say something, a faint voice said, "You should leave!"

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