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   Chapter 162 Amber Regretted Her Actions

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 7077

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Restraining herself from throwing up, Ella started crying. "There are medical history sheets in my house and I have serious venereal diseases because Samuel, that jerk, always fooled around with various women without considering theirs or my health. "

"Don't trust her! She just wants to buy time!" One of the men did not trust Ella, making her heart miss a beat.

She stopped crying and said nonchalantly. "Never mind. You can have sex with me. But you might wanna buy some condoms just in case you contract the disease from me.

'Who could help her dear God! Where was she even?'

She estimated that she was not downtown, judging from the house made of mud walls and the presence of no windows.

The only person she could think about was Samuel. 'Samuel, Help me please!' Ella yelled in her mind, yearning for a telepathic connection to him. She started yelling Samuel's name. It seemed that Samuel sensed her appeal and sneezed while he was driving fast.

"Shit, where can we buy condoms in such a remote place? You can go and buy them if you want. I don't need it." The man moved his hands towards Ella.

Samuel's Law Office.

Sitting in the office leisurely, a woman hung up the phone. Then she stood up, walked into the bathroom, threw the phone card into the toilet and flushed it away.

Suddenly, the phone on the table rang. Catherine was taken aback.

Upon seeing the caller ID, she smiled. "Amber.

Where is Ella? How is it going?" "Samuel knows the dead body is not Ella. Did you know that?" Hiding herself in a corner of one of the rooms, Amber was so freaked out that she asked all her questions in one breath.

She regretted now. What could she do? Samuel is very smart. He quickly found that the dead body was not Ella's.

"Don't worry. Did you forget what I said? If Samuel found out that the body was not Ella's, I will have someone rape her. When Samuel arrives at the suburb, he will find Ella being raped." Catherine could not restrain herself from laughing. She sat back leisurely and thought, 'Amber, you stupid woman, you will be my scapegoat.'

"But last night, Ella m

lla slapped her again. "Don't try to fight back!" Then he said something quite dirty.

One side of Ella's face quickly became swollen. "Bah! Anyway, I'm going to die. If you want to die too, come on!"

However, when another man put his hand on Ella's belly, she screamed suddenly and freaked them out.

Sitting up from the ground, she looked out of the window in fear. "There is something outside!"

"I don't care what the hell it is! Just shut up." The man wanted to cover her mouth with his dirty hands but Ella bit him hard.

"Ouch! You bitch! Get off me!" Ella bit his hand harder and wouldn't let go.

"Come here and drag this crazy woman away from me. Fuck!"

At that time, Ella finally seized the opportunity and quickly rushed to the door.

The kidnappers caught up with her. They immediately held her on the ground.

"Help!" Although she knew no one would help her, Ella still did not give up. She kept shouting for help.

"Keep calling, my dear. You can keep calling until you lose your voice but no one will save you this time. Hurry up! We're out of time!" The man's next move freaked Ella out and her eyes almost popped out.

'No! No!

Help! Help!' Ella's voice dripped with fear.

It was quiet in the suburb until Samuel heard a woman scream from the house. The house was right in front of him, but the car was blocked.

He got out of the car and run towards the house.

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