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   Chapter 161 What Happened to Ella

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 7162

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When Samuel got to the seaside, firefighters had stopped searching the sea.

Ella had been found but she had no pulse and was not breathing.

Eric informed Samuel the bad news, causing Samuel to punch him on the face. Though angry at him, Eric did not show it. He sent Samuel to see Ella's corpse.

At that moment, few people knew about what had happened to Ella. It was better to keep it secret.

Samuel mindlessly walked to the seaside. He pushed his way through the firefighters and looked at the body lying on the ground.

She still wore the ancient costume from the play. Her body was pale and swollen because of the seawater.

For a moment, he felt like his soul had been sucked away. He crouched before Ella and reached down to touch her face.

Her face was cold, which made his eyes bloodshot. His heart hurt as if someone had plucked and torn it from him.

Tears began to well up in his eyes. He murmured, "Ella, Ella..."

The crowd stared at him, slack-jawed.

Samuel was Ella's ex-husband, was it necessary for him to shed tears like this?

Their relationship seemed to be complicated.

The crowd whispered. However, after Samuel fought back tears, he pulled her hand before his eyes and took a close look at her wrist.

Then he turned over her body. The crowd was confused by his actions.

Then he uncovered her body and found there was nothing on her pale waist.

"This is not Ella!" he shouted.

He said it confidently making the crowd more confused.

He looked at Eric who was more puzzled. Samuel said firmly, "This is not Ella."

Ella had a tiny mole on her wrist. The mole could not be corroded by seawater in a day.

That was impossible!

Even if someone contradicted that it was possible

How would one explain the lack of a round birthmark that was usually on Ella's waist?

There were other questions. 'Who was this lady pretending to be Ella?

Where did Ella go?'

Questions run through one of the crowd.

The corpse was carried away by the legal examiner. Samuel went back to his car, lost in thought.

It was obvious that Ella was in danger, even though the corpse was not

ay their actions.

However, watching her, the men ignored Ella's words and started to remove her clothes.

"Stop. Didn't they tell you that I'm suffering from a terrible disease?"

Ella shivered because of fear. She remembered what had happened to her four years earlier. She was grateful that she was clear-headed at that moment.

"A disease?

What kind of disease is it?"

One of them stopped and stepped back.

It worked. Ella hurriedly told them about the rumors on the Internet. "My name is Ella. I'm an actress. You may have seen me on TV.

With so much bad news about me on the Internet, you must know that I'm suffering from a terrible disease. Don't you?

They say that I slept my way up and become famous. Well, it's true."

Ella gave her best performance at that very moment, she acted as a poor and helpless woman.

"Yeah, I have seen it all over the Internet. You have a terrible sexually related disease?"

Another man stopped as well and stepped back.

"You are right. My ex-husband is to blame. He had a mistress and that was the reason I divorced him. I found another man."

Ella started to waffle.

Three of the men stopped. "Boss, her ex-husband is Samuel. I heard that he has a mistress. What she is saying must be true."

"So we rush off without getting anything?

Sounds like a bad deal."

Suddenly, the man addressed as boss, nipped Ella's cheek with his rough fingers.

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