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   Chapter 160 Even If You Were The Last Woman On Earth

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 7741

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After he got what he wanted, he let go of her.

He smoothed down his clothes and walked out of the private room. Then, Ella followed.

When Samuel returned to the room where the party was held, he saw Viola happily chatting with Catherine, and Melody and Vincent were taking care of Jerry, who was playing with toys.

When Melody noticed her grandson walking back alone, she was anxious. She asked,"Where is Ella?"

Samuel walked several steps towards them. Then, Ella showed up with her head bowed down.

She took a deep breath and smiled, pretending that nothing had happened. She walked straight to Jerry.

"Grandma, I will go with Jerry first. When you get some free time in the afternoon, I will pick you up." 'When a woman feels embarrassed in front of everyone, there is something fishy going on.' Melody thought.

Melody stood there, staring at Ella's face, not listening to what Ella was saying.

Ella's lipstick faded. Melody remembered Ella had a touch-up of lipstick after the meal.

There was also a flush of red spread across Ella's face. 'What did Ella have to be embarrassed about?'

Then Melody observed a faint imprint on Ella's neck...

Finally, Melody gave up and stopped thinking about the whole situation. She was probably overthinking it. "Ella, what did you say?" Melody asked, smiling broadly.

"Eh……" Ella raised her head, looked at Melody, who was delightfully smiling, and repeated what she had just said.

"Well, you go first. Samuel, please walk Ella and Jerry out."

The old lady's instructions made Catherine clench her fists tightly. No one in the family had been good to her except Viola.

Viola said in a voice full of sarcasm: "Mom, Samuel's fiancee is here. How can he walk her out?"

Since Emma had appeared with Drake for the occasion, Viola knew that Emma and Samuel could not get back together again. She, now, put her bet on Catherine.

Viola had witnessed Samuel and Ella go their separate ways and she did not want them back together again.

The moment Samuel started to act on Melody's order, Ella urgently said,"Grandma, do not bother. I will take Jerry. Grandma, Mr. and Mrs. Shao, goodbye."

Ella took Jerry and left the hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Shao? Samuel gazed as Ella walked away, whose words had upset him badly. Samuel bade his gra

held their tongues when a solemn statement was issued.

By that time, two-thirds of the play had been completed.

In the play, the emperor decreed Lily's death forcing her to disappear from the royal palace.

A few months later, Prince Jin suddenly announced that he would marry a concubine, the sixth daughter of the Mus, a famous family from the north.

These scenes were filmed in another new expansive studio, near a sea in C Country.

Three days before the wedding day, Lily's wedding car was intercepted by Lady Mingyue, wife of Prince Jin. The car that Lily was in, was diverted off the road and crushed into the sea with Lily in it.

However, Lily did not show up after being throwing into sea. Ella, the actress did not either.

'Was there something wrong again?' Eric anxiously stared at the black and endless sea.

Wasn't Ella good at swimming? he wondered. They knew Ella was a great swimmer. That was why they did not use a stunt double.

She could not be eaten by some creatures in the water. That was impossible. They were in the shallow waters, not in the deep sea.

Two hours later, a large group of firefighters arrived but couldn't find Ella.

This time, Eric made an effort to keep the news away from the media, but it still leaked out.

It was not until early morning the next day that Samuel receieved the news. He had just woken up when Molly called.

On hearing what had happened to Ella, he put on clothes and shoes without washing his face. He rushed to the seaside where she had disappeared.

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