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   Chapter 159 Mind Your Behavior

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Overall, Melody had a great birthday party in a good atmosphere surrounded by great company.

When the feast was over, Vincent and Viola saw guests out. Samuel, lying in a chair indolently, secretly watched Ella playing with their son.

Noticing that most of the guests had left, Ella carried her son and walked towards the door without uttering a word to Samuel.


Samuel's voice made Drake, Emma and Ella, who were at the door, stand still at once.

Drake and Emma glanced at Ella and knew it was her he was addressing.

So they proceeded outside. Ella followed them even though she knew that Samuel had asked her to stop.

Melody came in from outside and saw Jerry in Ella's embrace,"Ella, are you going with Jerry?"

"Yes, grandma. I have taken a day off and want to take Jerry on a day trip."

Ella had asked for leave for Melody's birthday party the day before.

Ella whispered in Melody's ear and Melody smiled.

"Okay. Have fun with Jerry."

Hearing this, Ella prepared to leave with Jerry.

"Grandma, Jerry is also my son. Ella, you have not asked for my permission."

Samuel said, standing up from the chair and closing the door.

He stood against the door, his arms folded. He looked at his grandma and his son, avoiding eye contact with Ella, who's expression was one of annoyance.

Melody's face grew grimmer and she criticized Samuel,"Don't be so mean. Ella is Jerry's mother. Behave like an adult."

He stood motionless as if those words were not addressed to him,"Ella, you can go anywhere you want but Jerry will stay here."

Ella didn't understand why Samuel made things difficult for her. The night before, he was cuddling and kissing her but now he was ruthless. She wondered whether he had bi-polar or something.

"Samuel, what do you mean?"

Ella shot him a side glance.

Samuel took Jerry from her arms and gave him to Melody. Then he opened the door and dragged her out of the room.

He took her into an empty private room.

Catherine saw Samu

t you showed up. Ella, why do you treat me like this?

How dare you treat me like this?" Being ignored does make a man feel bad.

So was it the reason that he had become angry?

Did he not feel ridiculous about himself?

There was no reason for her to be kind to him. It was only hatred that she could feel for him.

"Actually, I am just a baby mama to you."

"Baby Mama?"

Samuel laughed hard as if he had heard a funny joke for the first time in his life.

His laugh made Ella embarrassed. The more he laughed, the more she felt that she was lying to herself that she was only that to him.

"Stop laughing."

She intended to place her hand over his mouth to stop him but her hands were clasped by his hands.

"Samuel, stop laughing, or

I'll bite you!"

A glimmer of amusement showed in his eyes as he stopped laughing. He placed his mouth near her ear and purred,"Feel free to bite me now"

He was such a beast that was good at

Flirting with her!

She could not bear it anymore. She pummeled his chest with her fists bashfully.

Samuel lowered his head and kissed her again, loosening her wrists and placing his hands around her waist.

Five minutes later.

"Tell me you are sorry for ignoring me just now!"

Ella lowered her face so that Samuel could not see her expression and murmured,"I'm sorry."

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