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   Chapter 158 Father and Son Work Together

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The audience burst into an uproar when Ella tried her best to flatter grandma.

On hearing that the Maitreya was carved by Ella, Melody was so excited, tears welled in her eyes, "It's beautiful. I like it very much. Help me put it on."

Ella put her son down, took off Melody's pearl necklace and replaced it with the Maitreya pendant.

"Grandma, I went to the temple especially to have the Maitreya pendant blessed by eminent monks. It is now an auspicious symbol to keep you safe and happy!"

Ella's words sparked another round of heated discussion and praise.

Wearing the pendant, Melody clasped Ella's hand and introduced her to her old workmates, "This is Jerry's mother. Isn't she beautiful?"

"Yes. You are lucky to have her."

"I heard that Ella is a superstar now!

How brilliant!"


Samuel was observing what was happening. He arched an eyebrow, satisfaction in his eyes.

He didn't want to talk with Catherine, until now. He started to respond her.

The clock struck 12:00. All who were invited were in attendance. More than 30 people gathered around the big table.

Melody went to the bathroom with the help of Mrs. Qi. Everyone else found their seat and sat down.

It was awkward for Ella because her son Jerry had sat next to Samuel.

He took Jerry from her arms without a word and carried him to where Catherine was sitting. Samuel sat Jerry between him and Catherine.

After watching the scene, many people concluded that Ella was no longer a member of the family. Catherine would be the hostess of Shao family in future. Quite a few people had favor with her.

Ella standing there not far from her son, squinted at Samuel angrily and gritted her teeth. "Jerry, come here."

Her words made people stop talking and laughing. They all looked at her.

"Miss Bo, don't worry about Jerry. I can look after him well. In order to be a good company of Jerry, I have learned some parenting knowledge from nursery school teachers."

Catherine smiled. She prevented Jerry from going towards his mother.

Unsurprisingly, everyone spoke highly of Catherine for h

give it to Ella.

Meanwhile, Ella was pouring water into Melody's glass. She did not notice that there was a piece of salmon on her plate.

"Dad, I want that shrimp dumpling."

"Dad, I want that meat ball made of seafood."

"Dad, I want..., "

Samuel did as his son asked.

Most people thought that Jerry was playing with Samuel when they saw Samuel take food for Jerry. However, Jerry gave the food to Ella.

A few people who were watchful and alert, including Catherine, knew what exactly was happening.

They were sympathetic to Jerry who gave such attention and thoughtfulness towards his parents.

At the beginning, Ella didn't think anything was happening, Until Jerry continuously put food that his dad gave him on her plate. She eventually knew what was going on.

'Did Jerry let his father fetch food for her indirectly and deliberately?' She thought to herself.

She was full but Jerry continued asking his father to fetch food for him. "Jerry, do not ask for food if you don't like it, okay?" she said at last.

Samuel heard what Ella said and he put down his chopsticks.

Catherine lost her appetite when she noticed the scene. Her food remained on the plate, untouched.

She sat there in silence except when she was asked a question and had to reply.

She could not overstep her boundaries in front of Melody and Samuel even though she hated Ella's guts so much

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