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   Chapter 154 Grandma, As Long As You Are Happy

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6894

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As she had not seen Jane for days, Ella held her tightly in her arms, unwilling to let her go.

They had a lot to catch up on. "Mom, Uncle Chuck speaks good English!"

In the United States, Jane and Sven were sent to a Chinese school where almost every student was Chinese.

Thus, the two kids spoke both fluent English and Chinese.

"Sure, Uncle Chuck is excellent! Did you have any quarrels with Sven?" Jane and Sven couldn't get along well with each other and sometimes they fought.

"He went either to the kindergarten or to the hospital every day and left me alone even when he came back home!" Jane sniffed.

Looking at Jane's angry face, Ella simmered with laughter and said, "Sven has outgrown this kind of squabbles."

Samuel's Law Firm.

The man stood in front of the window, enjoying the view of the night outside. He answered the phone.

"Is it possible that the wire snapped because they rubbed against the rocks?"

On hearing these words, he sneered.

"Did the police close the case in this perfunctory way?"

"Nothing else?"

"I got it." Samuel hang up the phone in anger.

Wires snapping because of friction? Who the hell would buy it? Besides, the wires had been destroyed without any clues left. The perpetrator seemed to be a powerful one.

He put on his coat, and went outside, with the car key in his hand.

He was going on a business trip tomorrow. He called Ella. "Hello."

A little girl answered the phone, which made Samuel feel confused. He frowned with suspicion.

Why was a child answering the phone? After all, it was after 8pm.

"Hello." He replied tentatively.

It seemed that it was papa. Jane was shocked and covered over her mouth right away.

She got out of bed briskly and gave Ella the phone, who was getting some water for her from the Kitchen.

Ella looked at the screen. It was Samuel! And Jane answered it!

OMG! Ella stood shocked.

Samuel's voice could be heard again, which compelled Ella to place the phone on her ear. "Mr. Shao, "

Her voice further aroused Samuel's suspi

tus as Jerry's mother.

The woman who will be standing next to Samuel will still be Catherine, his fiancée.

Three days later, Ella rejoined the crew to film her scenes.

Ella had to make up for the lost time taken to recuperate, so she worked around the clock.

Preoccupied with the work, Ella virtually forgot all her troubles.

It was only during her breaks that she occasionally thought of the man who had disappeared for several days.

Was he angry when she hung up the phone that night. This was for sure! Otherwise, he would have come to see her.

Or maybe, Samuel had been with his fiancée. This was also a possibility.

Ella recently filmed an advertisement for a diamond brand. Lola personally asked her to be the spokesperson for SL Group's GL Diamond business.

Ella agreed without hesitation. She spared some time to take a couple of promotional photos on the street.

Before the official release, the photos were leaked on the Internet and caused sensational response.

After a busy day of work, Samuel scrolled through the nine fantastic photos of her in his Cadillac.

The first one featured Ella with heavy makeup and wearing large red wide-leg trousers, in the background of a cross street.

In the next several photos, Ella was also wearing heavy makeup, but dressed in clothes of different color and style. She looked phenomenal.

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