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   Chapter 153 My Name's Jane

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In Samuel's office.

Samuel was on the phone. When he saw Jerry walk in with a little girl, he raised his eyebrows slightly. He thought in the same way that Molly had. 'Is Jerry going to introduce his little girlfriend to me?'

Jane recognized Samuel immediately and clung to Jerry's clothes nervously.

Was this handsome man, more handsome in reality than on TV, her father?

Her father was in front of her. She really wanted to call him Daddy!

Hanging up the phone, Samuel walked towards the two kids. He squatted down to their eye level, looking at the little girl wearing a mask and a hat, up and down.

She was chubby and short, and quite adorable in a white and light pink dress.

But why did she wear a hat and a mask? Besides, her eyes looked so familiar. Where had he seen them before?

"Jerry, who is this?" Samuel raised his eyebrows and looked at Jerry, ready to meet his girlfriend.

He wanted to tell him it was too early for him to have a girlfriend, but he decided to verify the girl's identity first.

However, Jerry's reply was so surprising that it took Samuel several minutes to react. "Daddy, this is my little sister. I take her as my little sister myself."

Well! Samuel blamed himself for thinking too far. However, little sister? A little girl recognized as a sister by Jerry?

Samuel looked at the two kids kindly, particularly at Jane.

"Where are your parents?" He was curious about this little girl and wanted to see what she looked like after taking off the mask and hat.

According to their plan, Jane replied. "My mom is at work and I don't have father."

After saying this, Jane yelled in her mind. 'I have father and he's in front of me right now!'

Her gentle and soft voice touched and almost melted Samuel's heart. It suddenly occurred to him that her voice was quite similar to the little girl's voice on the phone the other day.

Wait, she didn't have father? Poor kid.

He touched Jane's smooth hair kindly. "What's your name, kid?"

"My name's Jane." 'Daddy'.

"How old are you?"

"I'm ove

ring her mask and grinned with her eyes turning into crescent moons again.

"Alright. Go home and you can visit me at my home if you want." Samuel liked the little girl very much. He was looking forward to seeing her again.

Jane nodded with all her strength. "Thank you." Then she walked towards her nurse with the food, albeit reluctantly.

She turned her head back again and again and waved to Samuel. "Goodbye, Uncle." She said loudly and went through the gate.

That night, after taking Jerry to the old house, Samuel went to the hospital directly.

It was late at night, so there were a few people outside. Samuel hugged Ella and pushed her on the bed, confusion in her eyes.

He wanted to have a daughter with Ella.

"Are you crazy, Samuel?" What's wrong with him? Was he fighting with Catherine, so he came here?

As they were about to finish having sex, Samuel said in Ella's ear decisively. "You are dead if you dare to take contraceptive pills."


Ella bit Samuel on his shoulder and covered the complacency in her eyes. Her period was coming in several days, so she didn't have to take pills.

Ella stayed at the hospital for another day and then was discharged.

Knowing Ella would be leaving the hospital, Daisy let the nurse take Jane home before Ella arrived.

When she got back her apartment, Ella found Jane playing with her toys.

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