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   Chapter 152 It's An Honor To Kiss Me, You Know

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 7034

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Samuel looked back at the mischievous woman and found that she had buried herself in the quilt again.

He uncovered the quilt through a gap Ella had left unconsciously. "God! Get off me! Go away!" Ella tittered and screamed.

Samuel held Ella in his arms and kissed her again.

A faint taste of blood spread across their mouths.

"Ew..." The strange voice that she made, made Samuel's face turn black with anger. He released her instantly.

Ella did that deliberately. She snickered, licked her lips and feigned enjoyment of the remaining taste of blood.

"Damn! Must you be so spoilt? Being kissed by me is an honor you know?" Samuel stared at the snickering woman in contempt. How ungrateful she was!

Her honor?

All Ella wanted to do was to laugh loudly. If she weren't in the hospital, she would have done so.

"Samuel, why didn't I notice all your arrogance and self-love before?" It must because he disguised himself in such a perfect way, which bewitched her.

Wearing a suit, the man leaned against the head of the bed, a faint smile lingering at the corner of his mouth.

What could he do? He was happy at the sight of Ella, especially seeing that she was getting angry because of his teasing.

"There are lots of things you still don't know." For example, only he knew whether their divorce was valid or not.

Ex-husband and ex-wife? Interesting. He would like to continue playing this game with her.

He would earn her compliance and then correct the wrong perceptions and ideas that she had in her mind.

He wasn't worried about Catherine, since she knew clearly what was going on between them.

Ella was too tired to quarrel with him. She fell asleep quickly with her head tilting and breathing evenly.

The men tilted her head onto his chest, lay in bed and stared at the sleeping woman.

Four years had gone by, but there was no sign of time on her face. She was just slightly more mature than before.

However, Samuel was quite upset when he thought about she still hated him because of forcing her to have an abortion.

He thought that perhaps, he woul

Okay. Thank you, director." Ella replied politely.

Amber was quite silent and kept glancing at Ella in a weird way.

She said nothing when other people sympathized with Ella until she left with others.

Ella didn't care about that. After they left, she fiddled with the flowers brought by her workmates.

Samuel's Law Office.

Two little figures walked into Samuel's firm hand in hand.

After making sure that the two kids had came in safely, Daisy went in the car with Sven and waited for them.

People in Samuel's firm all knew Jerry. Therefore, the receptionist pressed the elevator button for the 68th floor when she saw him.

"Thank you, beautiful lady." Jerry was a honey-lipped little boy and the receptionist was cheered up by him.

She looked at the little girl wearing a mask and hat beside Jerry in puzzlement and then left.

The 68th floor.

Molly walked towards Jerry when she saw him. "Jerry, why do you bring this little girl here alone?"

Jerry stood in front of Jane and said to Molly, "Aunt Yuan, I'd like to see my daddy. Aunt Tang sent me here and she is waiting for me downstairs now."

Ah! Molly understood and knocked on the office's door. Jerry walked into Samuel's office with Jane following behind.

After closing the door, Molly was still wondering who the little girl was. 'Was she Jerry's little girlfriend? Interesting', she thought to herself.

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