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   Chapter 151 A Man Visits in the Middle of the Night

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 7061

Updated: 2018-08-03 12:49

Ella opened her eyes again with her mind blank, "Mr. Shao, do not shed crocodile tears for me. You are just a wolf in sheep's clothing, good at hiding your emotions well!"

Four years ago, when she released the divorce papers that she had signed, everyone thought she did not appreciate the good things in her life..

They thought there must be something wrong with her to divorce a man so good and thoughtful.

A wolf in sheep's clothing?

Samuel loosened his grip, And looked at her face, full of bruises and her forehead swathed in gauze.

Then he snatched the quilt off her, without permission, which made her scared.

Luckily, she had changed into a clean hospital gown with the help of nurses when she was in coma.

So, all Samuel could see were more cuts throughout her body, a mixture of deep and shallow ones.

Ella straightened her clothes and covered herself with the quilt in a rage of humiliation, "Get out!"

It was bold for him to behave rudely towards her with his fiancee outside, she thought.

To her surprise, he left without even looking back.

Seeing him shut the door vigorously, Ella was left stunned.

Go away!

Go away! The words bounced off the walls, even after he had left.

'What did he come here for then if he was going to leave so quickly?

To maintain his good image?

Of course.

Son of a bitch!' Ella scolded, as thoughts ran through her mind.

With nothing to do, Ella watched all the videos that related to her, after the accident.

Including the follow-up news released by reporters and the interviews about Eden, Samuel and her friends Lola, Lillian and Daisy.

All she could recall from the videos were Samuel's words, "It depends on my fiancee."

So the reason why he came here to visit her was that netizens called for it under the permission of his fiancee?

Thinking of this fact, she didn't feel good.

She was so immersed in this thought that she did not notice Lola, Lillian and Daisy bring Sven back into the room.

Lola asked curiously, "When did Samuel go?"

"A while ago." Ella collected herself

And switched off h

re you insane?"

She took a few deep breaths before returning to a normal state.

The man said indifferently after sitting by her bed, "No, can't I come to the hospital?"

"What are you doing here at the middle of the night?"

She said snappishly and cast a stern glance at him then tore her eyes away.

"To see you. Only on the request of netizens."


"Get out!"

Ella felt restless to see him and covered her head with the quilt. She intended to ignore him and go back to sleep.

However, the man stood up, walked round the bed and lay on the other side of it. He held her in his arms.

"Samuel, how audacious can you be?"

Goaded beyond endurance, she threw back the covers and glared at Samuel who had already closed his eyes.

She would have kicked him off the bed, if she wasn't in searing pain.

Samuel opened his eyes and put his forefinger on her lips, "Shh, close your eyes and go to sleep, or I'll kiss you

Until you fall asleep."

Ella knew he would act on what he said. They were lying so close. She looked at him, rolled her eyes and came up with an idea.

She snatched his forefinger, dragged him closer and kissed him possessively.

Her kiss turned him on. He kissed her back as a response.

Seeing his intoxication, she bit him on the lips with her teeth with force. "Ah...!"

Samuel felt pain and raised into a sitting position, his lips bleeding.

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