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   Chapter 149 Journalists Making Trouble

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 7297

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"Doctor, I'm her agent and assistant. How's Ella now? Please tell me she's okay." He prayed.

Sven took off his mask as well and grinned at Eden, "Eden, mommy will soon be fine." Sven admired his dad more, after seeing him in action.

Eden gazed at Sven in astonishment. He used to see him a lot in America when he visited Ella at her home.

Besides, he was the one who sent Sven to town to Melody. Hence, they shared a close relationship.

He took a glance at Chuck, then he looked at Sven, "Sven Tang, do you know him?"

Upon hearing his son being called "Sven Tang", Chuck frowned. He observed that the two seemed to be familiar with each other.

"Eden, this is my dad Chuck, and now I'm Sven Si." Sven sounded proud when he introduced his father.

'Daddy is so cool!' Sven thought to himself. Though some parts of Ella's body were badly bruised and she was bleeding profusely, Sven's dad had calmly cleaned the wounds, applied medicinal ointment on and bandaged them.

Chuck? Eden froze for a moment. 'This fatherless boy turned out to be the son of Chuck?

That's insane. And Jane's father is that famous lawyer. These two kids really have an unusual background.' Eden thought to himself in shock.

"Okay then, do you want to see mommy Ella?" Ella had been taken to a luxurious ward by a nurse.

"Yes!" Sven then followed Eden.

"Doctor Chuck, how's Ella now?" Eden and Chuck walked to the lobby, shoulder to shoulder.

Chuck pulled back his son, who was walking in front of them, then he put his hands on Sven's little shoulders, "The bruises will soon heal. The wounds made by the poisonous snakes on her arm have been cleaned and I applied a medical ointment to quicken the healing process. Though the wound on her forehead is a little deep, there will be no scars left. Other wounds are nothing to worry about."

They were just some bruises. They would heal after the ointment was applied in a couple of days.

"Then why did she loose consciousness?" Eden asked out of confusion.

Chuck laughed, "Because of the pain." Even though, the level of pain that Ella felt was not high enough to make anyone loose consciousness, Ella feared feeling pain. C


Then he called Chuck, "How's Ella?"

"Finally, the ex called. What, you want me to help hype it up?" Chuck unusually mocked Samuel because he felt good to have his son by his side.

After hearing the tone in Chuck's voice, Samuel roughly guessed Ella's situation.

Then he hung up without responding to Chuck's mocking words.

Leaning on the backseat, he pondered for a moment. Then said to Ellie, "Call Catherine and tell her to come to the hospital with me."

Ellie became speechless for a moment because Samuel always requested her to contact his fiancee

She felt sympathy for her friend Ella as she called Catherine. She could not help asking, "Mr. Shao, do you still love Ella?"

Ella. Samuel opened his eyes, yanked out of his relaxing state by her question..

"You know her." It was not a question but an affirmative sentence.

How come he didn't know Ellie, who was married and had been working for him for two years, knew that woman.

"Yes, we were classmates in college." She acknowledged their relationship frankly.

Before that, Ellie thought there was no need to mention Ella if she was not there.

She definitely wouldn't lie since Samuel asked.

"So, you're on her side?" Samuel smiled lopsidedly and continued without waiting for Ellie's response. "Well done, Ella!

All of the three people in this car are related to you. How come I didn't know my wife has so many friends?" He asked rhetorically.

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