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   Chapter 147 Let Me Take Care Of You

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 8093

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"Take you as what? My ex-wife?" He said indifferently, making it hard for Ella to decipher his feelings.

"You're right, ex-husband. Watch your words and behaviour please. If you force me to make out with you again, I'll sue you!" She looked at the man arrogantly. Although the lights were off in the villa, they still could see each other's expression under the light of the street lamps outside.

"Sue me? Ella, what little progress you have made in the past four years. What have you been eating those years? Pig's brain?" Samuel looked at her in contempt. She said she would sue him four years ago and now she was repeating the same words. How stupid could she be?

Pig's brain? This was an indirect insult to Ella, calling her as stupid as a pig. Ella struggled out of his strong grasp, wanting to get out of there. Samuel did nothing until she reached the door.

"Jerry is upstairs." He started walking up the stairs as he said so.

Soon after, Samuel heard footsteps echoing behind him, growing closer and closer. "Hey, didn't you say that he is at the old house? How could he be upstairs then?" Samuel didn't answer.

Ella had no choice but to follow Samuel and continued asking, "Which is the truth?"

"Samuel, if you lie to me again..." Suddenly, Samuel turned and kissed her ruby red lips, silencing her.

Two seconds later, Samuel kicked the bedroom's door open and threw Ella on the bed. "Jerry is upstairs in the old house." Samuel said. Samuel was right. She had eaten nothing but pig's brain in the past four years to be easily duped.

Ella was irritated. She switched on the bedside lamp without any difficulty, to see Samuel clearly and try to thwart away his effrontery behaviour. However, on seeing the arrangement of the house, she remained speechless. Nothing had changed in the last four years that she is gone.

"What? This villa wasn't even yours, many years ago."

The man's word yanked her back to reality.

Ella wanted to say something, as her lips moved slightly, but decided not to. Instead, she opened her mouth again and said in an enchanting voice. "Mr. Shao, won't you be terrified if I called your fiancee again?"

The word "Mr. Shao" irritated Samuel.

He approached her slowly, took out his phone from the pocket and threw it on the bed.

Just before Ella reached the phone, he flung himself on her and pressed her against the bed.

"Ella, from now on, I'll a

the cliff in order to save Prince Jin.

After getting in the car, Ella sat down and started surfing through social sites.

The car drove to the suburb area, after all the required people had entered.

The scenery in the suburb area was not bad and the cliff was exactly the same as those on TV.

Today's action shots were not about the hero and the heroin, but Male 2, Female 2 and some supporting actors and actresses, After her makeup was applied, Ella stood by the cliff and let workers secure her with a harness that was connected to wires, supported by boulders and beams.

Male 2 was fighting with others and Lily pushed Prince Jin with all her strength.

However, her strength ran out and she fell off the cliff.

Prince Jin broke down.

He yelled Lily's name in extreme grief while swords were slicing his back, again and again. He was in so much sorrow to feel the pain being inflicted on him.

Ella was falling off the cliff, fast. However, she suddenly saw that the thin steel wire holding her, was broken. Broken? Broken? The words echoed in her head.

The crew member from the props department, who was responsible for ensuring the integrity of the wire, spotted the broken wire. He noticed it through the surveillance video and shouted suddenly: "Shit! Director! Ella is falling, the steel wire is broken!"

His words scared everyone.

The cameras stopped rolling immediately and people were sent to look for Ella.

Ella was still falling through the air. Was she going to die? No! She was reluctant to leave her dear Jerry, her sweet Jane, and surprisingly her ex-husband.

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