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   Chapter 145 Teach Amber a Lesson

Trapped with the Lawyer By Bai Cha Characters: 6627

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Amber glowered at Ella.

Ella figured out what was going on finally, after being puzzled for several minutes.

She was being framed!

Sure enough, the man then set his eyes on Ella. "Ella, talk to the director for me please. The money you gave me is far less than my two months' salary. I'll be on the streets if he fires me.'"

Hearing what the man said, Amber stood from her chair, walked towards Ella and slapped her.

"Ella, why did you do this, huh?" Although angry, Amber's voice was still quite coquettish.

At this point, everyone on site gathered around them and they gasped when Ella was slapped by Amber.

"Miss Amber, it's Ella who asked me to change the sword to a real one. She has disliked you for a long time."

Amber was a big star and people her age were all quite deferential towards her.

People started whispering to themselves about what the man had said.

Covering her face with her hand, Ella said nothing.

"Ella, you're evil!" Ella saw only anger in Amber's eyes.

Why only? Was she that good at acting?

It didn't matter. Ella rubbed her aching face and raised her hand suddenly.

She slapped Amber back.

Her tender and soft face turned red immediately.

Amber started crying. She looked so pathetic that people all felt pity for her.

'God! Is Ella crazy? How dare she slap Miss Amber?'

'That's right. She is much older than Miss Amber. She asked him to change the sword out of envy for Miss Amber's youth and beauty, didn't she?' The crowd's murmurs grew louder as they looked on.


Eric was too angry to say a word. Although it was hard to tell who was right and who was wrong at first. he was still not happy to see such disharmony amongst his film crew and talent.

"You, tell us what happened!" Eric pointed to the man again.

Surrounded by others, the thin man became too terrified to say a word.

His begging eyes fell on Ella again, as if he was saying "Help me, please."

Ignoring him, Ella looke

and again not to see her son, but now he allowed Jerry to do video chats with her.

Was he a man of contradiction?

Their work had already completed by afternoon and the director proposed a dinner party.

Ella wanted to go home and spend time with her daughter since she was off work early, but Eric thought highly of her and didn't agree with her absence from the party. Ella had no choice but to change her dress and go to the party.

Sapphire Hotel.

Looking at the glorious hotel, Ella was deeply touched. It had been four years since her last stay.

Now, the Sapphire Hotel had been renovated and had became more luxurious.

They gathered in a big room, with more than thirty seats around a large table.

Almost thirty people were in attendance and the atmosphere was pleasant because of the presence of several young stars like Amber.

As a veteran in the entertainment industry, Joseph flirted with Amber and other actress making red blushes spread across their faces.

Ella knew that If Joseph wasn't married, even Amber would fall in love with him.

During the dinner, Ella left quietly.

Knowing that there was a balcony at the end of the corridor on the sixth floor, she wanted to get some fresh air there.

They had proposed toasts at the dinner, so Ella had had some liquor as well.

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