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   Chapter 143 I'll Sleep Here Tonight

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Jerry decided to keep a distance from his father. He didn't know if he could lie to him again. After mom left, his father always joked about beating him.

"Great grandma, we need to go home earlier tonight. Daddy will come and get his phone." There was no response after Jerry finished talking.

He looked at Melody and found that she was staring at his little sister. They looked at each other blankly and Jerry had no idea what they were doing.

"Jane, why is your father's phone in your mother's house?" Did this mean that they had met each other? That was the only explanation, Melody thought.

Jane had no idea of who her father was, not to mention physically meeting him, because her mother never told her anything about him.

Thanks to her older brother, she could only see her father's photo in secret.

Her father was handsome and she looked just like him.

"Maybe Daddy gave his phone to mommy, so we can contact him conveniently." All Jane thought about was Samuel. She was wondering why her father abandoned her mother and her.

Was it because she was so naughty when she was a little baby that her father abandoned her?

She had been longing for a father very much. She wanted to call him "Daddy", but she didn't know whether it was allowed.

On the other hand, she heard that her brother could see her father frequently. She envied him for this.

Although she could see her father on TV and through pictures, those inanimate figures couldn't generate a sense of her father in her mind at all.

No. She wanted to tell her brother to take her to meet their father. Even just for a secret glance.

Having made up her mind, Jane run to Jerry with her cute little bottom swinging, and watched her brother's sorrowful expression in confusion.

Melody had always paid her attention on Jane's reaction. Children couldn't easily hide their expressions, and their faces always revealed the truth about what they were feeling at the moment.

Sometimes they were happy, sometimes doubtful and sometimes sad. Such entanglement made Melody quite distressed.

Was that because Jane missed her father? Jane had never seen her father since she was born. What should she do?

Ella got dressed and came

She had dared to abandon him for four years. Samuel vowed to let her know what a real bastard looked like.

Someone knocked at the door.

"Come in."

A little figure came in. It was Jerry.

"Daddy, I'm going to sleep. If you want to go, get out of here as soon as possible please!" Jerry was accustomed to sleeping alone. He didn't care if his daddy would sleep beside him or not.

However, when it came to his mother and little sister, it was different. He was fond of sleeping with them.

Samuel looked at his son with his cold eyes and said: "I'll sleep here tonight."

Jerry climbed into the bed and knotted his brows, which resembled Ella's and complained, "Samuel, do not smoke in my room again!"

He also resembled that woman when he was angry.

Samuel put out the cigarette, opened the window to get some fresh air and reminded Jerry calmly, "This is my room."

"You have so many houses. Why should you scramble for this room with me?" Hugging the Totoro toy, Jerry looked at Samuel.

"You little brat, there are so many rooms in this house. Go and pick one."

"No! Here I can sense and smell mom!" He was so anxious that he spoke up, voicing the words in his heart.

There was a silence in the bedroom. It was the first time Samuel heard the word "Mom" from Jerry in the last two years.

When Jerry was a little baby, he knew nothing and often said "Mom" "Mom", although Ella was not here. But he hardly said that word after he was two years old.

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