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   Chapter 141 He Hadn’t Forgotten About Emma

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Ella wasn't prepared, so she stumbled in the darkness and had to regain her balance by supporting herself on the column behind her.

"Samuel, what's wrong with you?"

Samuel loosened his tie and walked towards her slowly.

The anger on his face forced Ella to recede back, step by step.

"What's wrong with me? Didn't you leave? Why did you come back? Huh?" Behind her was the hallway wall, so there was no way out.

"You are not the king of this country. I can come back whenever I want. That's none of your business!" Ella tried her best to compose herself, and she was now too nervous to feel tired.

As Samuel approached in the darkness, the atmosphere changed suddenly.

He was right in front her, leaving little space between them. She could even smell the faint aroma of wine from him.

She sneered when his vow flashed through her mind-several years ago, he had promised that he would never drink without her permission.

Yet now, after their divorce, he was freed from such vows and must have lived an unconstrained life. Without her pestering, he must be blissfully happy, Ella thought to herself.

Samuel clung to her and continued to grill her, "I'm asking you! How dare you come back! You left!" He raised his voice gradually in a fit of anger.

"Are you blind or what? Don't you know that I came back only to shoot for the movie? When I finish my work, I will leave. I won't bother you anymore." She was mature enough to quit chasing after him like an idiot.

Samuel, you don't need to worry, because I will not disturb you, she thought.

Samuel saw obstinacy in her eyes, and recalled her tameness, her ingratiation, her naughtiness, her lies and her... He recalled every impression she had left on him before she left, four years ago.

The hatred and the love he had experienced the past four years were all aroused at the moment, so he pinched her face.

Her face was now attractively smooth, since she had removed makeup before she left the studio.

"You are hurting me, Samuel! You are mad! Let me go!"

She struggled to push his hands away and escape from him, but failed.

Even though she wasn't talking, her

r my ex-husband. Don't you feel disgusted?"

These words provoked Samuel. He took his phone back after several tries and switched it off.

After Samuel put his phone back into the suit pocket, Ella yawned, "I'm tired and bored. Bye." She passed by Samuel and opened the door of the villa.

Samuel slammed the door shut. As the door closed, Ella felt like she was a sheep in a tiger's den.

"You want to leave? After pissing me off?" Samuel turned her around and forced her to face him.

"Huh! You asked for it!" Her only purpose to come back was to work on the film and had never bothered him. It was he who found her and brought her back to this place. She had done nothing.

Samuel locked her wrists against the door and beamed viciously, "Yes. I have asked for this, because I want to make love to you. After all, I haven't enjoyed your body in four years..."

"No!" Ella slapped him. Silence enveloped them.

She was befuddled and looked at her right hand that was still numb. She had just slapped him.

Before she could identify his expression, she was pushed back against the door forcefully.

He unbuckled his belt and pressed Ella's head down.


At 5 am in the morning

"Get Out!" Samuel howled. After hearing his command, Ella bit her lower lip bitterly.

Never had she imagined that Samuel would treat her in this way. She picked up his suit jacket to cover her body, for her dress was disheveled.

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