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   Chapter 140 I Married Another Man

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She still didn't want to admit it. But since there were inspection instruments near her, it was a matter of time before he found out that she had given birth to a baby.

He forced her on the bed. But Daisy sat up, jumped out of the bed and ran to the door.

Chuck knew what she wanted to do. He jumped over the bed promptly and stopped her just before she reached the door.

Chuck cuddled her with one arm and locked the door with other.

Leaning her against the door, he glared at her furiously.

"Daisy, if you choose not to tell the truth and answer my questions, I'll look for the answers myself." He warned her for the last time.

Daisy thought for a while and said. "Okay, I'll tell you. I was... I was cut by a pane of glass. Ah!" Chuck threw her on the bed again, And put his hands on her neck. Daisy held both his hands to release the pressure off her neck. "Okay, I'll tell you the truth!"

What should I do? What should I do? Should I tell him?

Eventually I can't run away anymore, let me just tell him. Daisy thought to herself.

"I was married when I was abroad, and gave birth to a baby. He is three years old now."

His hands grabbed her neck fully, preparing to strangle her.

"You married another man? You gave birth to another baby?" Chuck said softly. But it sounded insidiously. She was scared to death.

"All right! I'll tell you everything." Chuck began to squeeze her neck. Daisy screamed out immediately. "I had your baby four years ago. I am not married. He is over three years old now!"

He stopped as she shouted out.

Chuck was surprised by her words.

He couldn't help but burst into laugh and ended up kissing her passionately.

"I have told you everything honestly." Daisy pleaded.

The exam room fell into silence. Daisy said qui

the scene, and in less than two minutes, left angrily.

It was about two o'clock in the morning when Ella finished filming.

Ella was so tired that she walked to her car slowly.

She fell asleep quickly.

Suddenly, her driver slammed the brakes. Ella's head knocked the chair in front of her.

"What's the matter?" She asked the driver nervously.

Then someone knocked the door. Ella opened it and a familiar figure showed up in front of him.

Ella calmed down and opened the door and got out carefully. She looked around the car vigilantly.

There were nothing special except the Maserati that had blocked their way.

She was so weary and closed her eyes again.

Samuel pulled her and threw her inside the Maserati.

Eden was shocked by the scene. He remembered Ella's ex-husband was a lawyer.

But why was he acting like that? Eden thought to himself.

The driver stared at Eden perplexed.

Eden was puzzled too. The Maserati left quickly. "Let's go." Eden shouted to the driver.

In the Royal Mansion.

Samuel grabbed Ella out of the car and went into the villa.

Without switching on the lights, Samuel shut the door and pushed Ella into the living room.

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