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   Chapter 139 The Largest Investor

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Crystal refused to have sex with the Emperor because he didn't reveal to her his true identity.

The Emperor became annoyed by Crystal's behaviour and had sex with Lily to infuriate her.

Crystal glared at them, rolling in bed, jealously taking a hold of her.

She looked grieved.

The Emperor tore at Lily's clothes roughly. Although a little bit flurried, Lily tried her best to keep calm.

Lily feigned fear for a while and gradually became charming. She held his neck and said. "Oh, what a naughty Emperor you are!"

Ella felt sick to her stomach when she heard herself use that tone of her voice, although she knew that it was part of her role as an actress.

She sneered at Crystal, but suddenly saw a familiar figure at the corner of her eye, that made her freeze.

He stared at her indifferently. Ella couldn't maintain her character and forgot what she needed to do next.

Lily was supposed to avoid the Emperor's kiss. But Ella was too distracted to move away, so the Emperor ended up kissing her hair.

Joseph became confused, realising that Ella had missed a cue. Director Xiao suddenly yelled "Cut!" Joseph retreated from his hold on Ella.

Ella remained silent, her assistant holding her up. Director Xiao really wanted to criticise Ella for missing the cue, since her clothes were ripped earlier on, she would need to change to another set of clothes to film again.

But he calmed down because he remembered Harry's words, the biggest investor was present and watching him.

Eric, a famous and popular director, had never felt the need to put up with anyone until now. But he tried his utmost to control himself and hoped Ella would buckle down and improve her performance later on.

Ella changed into another set of clothes and filmed the scene again.

Soon after, Joseph realised what was going on when he saw Samuel standing be

ee Ella's charm and daintiness.

Finally they succeed at the fifth attempt, leaving Samuel furious. He left in a huff, Amber trailing behind in a state of confusion.

Everyone was relieved. And Ella performed quite well, even when Samuel left. Eric gradually calmed down from his rage.

He even praised Ella for her prowess.

Days went by. During those days, Samuel called Melody several times to pick her up.

But Melody refused him again and again. She wanted to stay where she was longer.

Samuel, although reluctant, had to let grandmother and Jerry live in town.

In the Personal Hospital of Chuck.

Chuck took Daisy into the exam room. She kept struggling, and all the doctors and nurses were astonished by the scene.

He laid her down on the bed beside the inspection instruments. "I swear of you move again, I will..."

Daisy muffled his mouth and said ashamedly. "Can you speak in a low voice? There are so many nurses outside."

Chuck shook her hand away. "I will ask you one more time! Where did you get that scar on your abdomen? "

As a doctor, he was sure that the scar was because of cesarean section.

Daisy refused to admit it last night, And went as far as covering it with her hand, when they had sex.

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