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   Chapter 137 The Cuckolded Professional

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It was time for ballroom dancing. Ella was reluctant to dance but everyone else went to the dance floor.

But she gave in, and Eden and Ella joined the rest on the dance floor.

Unaware of the time, Ella heard a couple talking in low and hushed voices. Immediately, she recognized who they were.

"Let's go back to the old house tomorrow. It's my Mum's birthday."

"Sure." The woman replied shrewdly.

Switching places with Eden, Ella used all her strength and stepped on Catherine. Catherine yelped in pain.

Then Ella switched back. Eden noticed what Ella had done but kept quiet. She had stepped on Catherine's feet with her 7 cm high-heeled shoes.

"Oh, my god, you are such a bitch." Samuel whispered to Ella.

Such a scene would be proof enough that they had had an affair.

Samuel wanted to switch dance partners when he saw that Catherine wasn't able to dance anymore.

To her surprise, Samuel stood before Ella.

No-one noticed their interaction because of the dim light.

Samuel pulled Ella into his arms involuntarily and warned her, "Don't you dare do anything to hurt her!"

His breath washed over Ella's ear, making her itch.

There was something about the way he was whispering in her ear that made Ella lose her mind for a moment.

Samuel felt the same way. If they had not been here, he would have had sex with her to release his anger.

Ella raised her lips, put her hands around his neck and clung tightly to him.

To her surprise, she felt something stir inside her.

With a blush creeping up her face, she stepped back. She had to shake off the feeling and remember what he had done to her.

Fine! Ella raised her head, and tiptoed, bringing her mouth close to his ear, "No, I will torture her and let her make you a cuckold. There's nothing you can do about it. I will make you a cuckolded professional!"

A cuckolded professional?

Samuel moved forward and kissed Ella, which was a shock to her.

Samuel became a lecher after a few years.

But it was not her problem

job to make sure that you are healthy and ready to fulfill your contract."

Ella agreed, and they walked on, arms interlinked.

"Will you come to my house?"

Ella slowed down when she heard a familiar woman's voice behind her.


The man replied without a second thought, placing his arm around the woman's waist and holding her tight.

Catherine forced a smile and gazed at Samuel, who held her close.

He never behaved like this. Catherine had a feeling that his behavior had something to do with Ella.

Ella's eyes glinted when she saw a familiar figure standing beside a Maserati.

Leaving Eden aside, she ran to the man.


She paused before Yang, with excitement and joy filling her heart.

Yang rubbed his eyes, to make sure that her wasn't hallucinating.


Ella hugged Yang happily, "Yang, I've missed you so much."

She lost contact with Yang during the four years that she was abroad. She had not expected to see him here.

Yang giggled, "Ella, where have you been?"

It had been several years since he had seen Ella. They had lost contact with each other, and he thought she had disappeared.


"Ella, come back here. You need to behave yourself because we are off the cruise ship."

Eden pulled her back from Yang's arms and discreetly checked if there were any cameras around.

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