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   Chapter 134 Got Caught

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Our house... Ella's eyes watered, because in recent years every time Melody mentioned something about the Shao's she would say "our family."

She nodded like a little girl, and said, "Grandma, I'll call you when I leave."

"I have a question to ask you."

"Grandma, What is it?"

After taking a deep breath, Melody asked, "It has been years. Have you forgiven Samuel? Is it possible for you to remarry him?"

Though Melody had known that Samuel was engaged to Catherine, she would never accept Catherine as her granddaughter-in-law.

In her heart, Ella was her only granddaughter-in-law.

Ella had been considering it as well. In the middle of the night, she had been thinking of him.

Yet she couldn't stop the anger and hate from affecting her, every time she thought of Jane.

"Grandma, he has a fiancée and he will marry her soon. It's impossible for us to get remarried now."

She murmured.

To everyone's surprise, Catherine defeated Emma and became engaged to Samuel.

Ella knew what she was capable of.

However, she was not as sly as Catherine back then.

"Ella, as long as you can forgive him, I will make him break off his engagement with that Catherine. If he refuses, then I'll beat the crap out of him till he says yes." Melody was aware that her grandson still had feelings for Ella, but she didn't know if Ella did.

Melody was serious about it. Nevertheless, Ella leaned on Melody's shoulder and said, "Grandma, that would be unnecessary. We are both good now. But you can still beat him when he stops me from seeing you.

Being single is not that bad. I don't need to rack my brains to please another guy or be irritated and mentally tortured."

"It still depends on your fates. But whatever happens, you'll always be my granddaughter."

"Thanks, Grandma."

Two hours later, she finally walked out of Melody's room. She held her children in her arms and stayed awake the whole night.

Five days later, it was time for Jerry and Melody to leave.

The four parted reluctantly. Ella said to her son, "Sweetie, be a good boy for your Grandma. Your sister and I will come and visit you soon."

Upon hearing that his mom and sister would visit them, Jerry was extremely delighted, "Yes, Mom. I'll wait for you and Jan

Her bright smile made Samuel clench his fists.

Melody seized the opportunity to take back the photos and she intended to lock them up as soon as she opened the cabinet. She didn't want Samuel to find the photos of Jane at the bottom.

Samuel was shocked and he stood still, but then he became angry. What a clever woman. She knows it would be much easier for her to see Jerry through Melody. He thought to himself.

Then he saw Melody's new cellphone.

He picked up the new phone he bought her and slid the lock screen.

The only communication app on it was WeChat.

The account name at the top was E. It had to be her, Samuel gritted his teeth in anger.

Then he checked their chat history. It was clear that there were video chats, lasting more than half an hour, every other day.

No wonder she asked me to buy her a better phone. She wanted to launch video chats with Ella! He suddenly realized it.

After Melody had locked the cabinet, she turned around and saw Samuel was checking her cellphone.

"Samuel. You bastard. Don't invade my privacy. It's against the law!"

She took back her phone in a huff. But it was too late, Samuel now knew everything.

During those four years, through video chats, that woman had successfully planned for grandma and Jerry to go abroad and meet her.

"She has no right to see her son since she left him just like that!" Samuel roared in his heart, but the words remained unspoken.

Eventually, Samuel left the old house without saying a word.

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