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   Chapter 133 Unfit to be a Father

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The three kids beside them exulted in their reunion, hugging and calling each other's name excitedly.

Melody patted Ella on her back and said with a smile: "Ella, it seems like you have your hands full with these two huh?" Ella had been on Melody's mind all the time. Melody is a firsthand witness to how far Ella had come.

"Yes, Grandma. But they are my sunshine. I'll make sure to call on you in Country C, lest you have to suffer a long journey." Then Ella picked Jerry up. Alas, the little boy grew up so fast that he was a little heavy for her.

"Mommy." Jerry put his arms around Ella and lay his head on her shoulder.

"My boy, did you miss me?" Though wearing a mask, Ella didn't hesitate to kiss his face.

Jerry nodded his head to the affirmative. He missed her so much that he desired to stay by Ella's side forever.

Something caught Ella's attention. Accompanying them was not Mrs. Qi, but a young girl whom Ella didn't recognize.

Noticing her puzzlement, Melody explained: "Mrs. Qi is not here because she has some personal affairs to deal with. This little girl is the new maid and serves me well, so I asked her to accompany me this time."

Ella nodded and got in her car with others.

In the backseat, Melody was surrounded by three cute kids laughing all the way home.

Ella took off her gauze?mask and drove safely to the villa.

Daisy was aware that Melody would be coming with Jerry that night, so she got off work early and bought some ingredients to make dinner for them.

When Melody and others arrived at the villa, delicious food had been served on the dinner table.

With the three lively kids around, every one kept laughing and talking until it was time to go to bed.

Since Ella was too busy at work, she did not often go home at night, Daisy usually lulled the two kids to sleep.

But tonight, as Melody and Jerry were here, Daisy took Sven in her arms and went back to her own room.

Ella slept with her two babies, Jerry and Jane.

Jane fell asleep at 9 pm, but Jerry cuddled up to Ella, unwilling to sleep.

Ella had no choice but to chat with Jerry. Unk


This was part of the reason why she left Country C in a hurry.

"That idiot! Look at Jane, if Samuel was not her father, who else could it be?" Jane looks like Samuel very much, which she knew well from the very beginning.

Ella dropped her head, "Grandma, please forgive me. Although Jane is his child, Jane has to take my last name. She can't use his." She appreciated Melody's kindness and support.

Melody tucked her bangs behind ear and said: "My dear, it's me who should thank you for keeping this child away from the family."

Samuel should be punished for his mistake, Melody thought, trying to control her anger.

"My company is cooperating with Joseph on a new play. Therefore, I have to come back and stay in Country C for a while, but I don't know whether I should bring Jane with me." She had been irresolute for a long time.

Jane resembles Samuel so much that Ella was afraid someone who knew her would told Samuel about Jane. If Samuel, who had longed for daughter knew, he wouldn't let her go back to America with Jane.

She would rather die than give Jane to Samuel, because it was he who planned to kill his own daughter. He was unfit to be a father, just for that reason only.

Melody understood her concern and thought for a while, "Bring Jane with you. I have a relative who lives in the town in Country C. I'll stay there with Jane and Jerry when you go to work."

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