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   Chapter 132 Journey to Fame

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"All right! What you two need to do is to study hard. You don't need to worry yourselves about making money. Daisy mom and I will make enough money for all of us, understood?"

They knew that their two moms would make more than enough money to take care of them all. They just didn't want them to be so tired.

"Okay! Now I'll tell you good news."

Ella was thinking about Jerry, which made her smile.

"Your older brother Jerry will arrive in Los Angeles three days from now."

"Wow, my dear older brother Jerry is coming!"

Both Sven and Jane exclaimed in unison.

...... Ella became astonished by their tacit agreement. Although they had different parents, they were so tacit.

"So, you two need to go to school and I have to go back to work. Daisy mom will sleep with you tonight." Ella was too busy to handle all these by herself.

"Okay! Bye mom!" Jane kissed Ella's check.

"Mom, you should take care of yourself, okay?" Instead of kissing Ella like a naive child, Sven told his mom to look after herself carefully. This made her smile.

It was stifling hot outside the villa.

Ella got back in her Buggati Veyron and drove back to the location that she was filming the movie.

Four years ago, Daisy and her ran away from C Country to France using a friend's private plane.

Daisy knew Ella was pregnant, so she decided to make money by herself.

But unfortunately, Daisy found herself pregnant too after working for two months.

The two pregnant women didn't know what to do. So they finally resorted to asking Eason for help, and in turn he offered them jobs.

Initially, Eason wanted to give them financial assistance until their children went to the kindergarten.

But they didn't agree with his idea. Eventually, Eason opened a flower shop and let them work for him.

In this way, the two pregnant women survived in France successfully.

Ella began to have online video chats with Melody and Jerry without the approval and knowledge of Samuel. Gradually, Jerry learned how to walk and w

her?" Four years ago, Daisy disappeared together with Ella and Chuck doubted that they ran away together. But as the years went by, he began to rethink his initial assessment.

Samuel stared at the screen and said nothing. He was still furious.

"Samuel, I'll go to America. How about you?"

"I'll never go to America to find her!" He answered quickly.

They had divorced, she was just his ex-wife.

"All right, I'll come back after your wedding day." Chuck deliberated.

As they often drank together in those years that their women had left, Samuel liked to use the reference "that woman".

He knew for sure, that the reference was used to refer to his ex-wife, Ella.

Samuel closed the advertisement video finally and lit another cigarette. "I'll call you in advance."

"All right."

Samuel hung up the phone, his thoughts wandering.

In Los Angeles.

Ella wore black sportswear and a pair of white sports shoes. She disguised herself with a pair of sunglasses and a mask.

Holding Jane and Sven in each arm, she showed up at the airport.

Two cute Chinese kids attracted lots of attention.

Ella found Melody and Jerry amongst the crowd.

She cried out with joy. Jerry had grown up so much, he was not five years old.

"Grandmother!" Ella hugged Melody who looked older this time round. Ella was overwhelmed by guilt.

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