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   Chapter 131 I Choose My Unborn Child

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Samuel was worried about what Anna had told him. He immediately hung up the phone and checked Ella's Weibo page.

His fears were confirmed. He saw two pictures, with words 'Samuel and I have divorced' underneath.

One picture was the first page of their divorce agreement. The other was the last page that contained the signatures. Besides her name, was Ella's signature.

Within an hour, there were more than a million comments underneath her post.

'So much for being in love!, What's going on now?, Where is Samuel? Please tell me its not true!' were just some of the comments.


Samuel held his phone tightly.

Ella had switched off her phone and had given it to Samuel when she went in for the operation.

So, he couldn't get in touch with her to get to the bottom of the situation.

Ella, great job, divorcing me because of an unborn child that might not be mine. Samuel thought, sarcastically.

Soon after, Melody called him.

"Samuel, what the hell is going on now? Ella has packed her luggage and left the house."

She left? Samuel was surprised. "Where did she go?" Samuel was confused.

"I don't know what's going on. I don't know where she is. She just left home with her baggage. You must ask her to come back because ..."

Samuel hung up before Melody could finish her sentence.

He made several phone calls to his airport, bus and train business partners, Advising that they shouldn't let Ella leave the country.


Three days later, Chuck called Samuel.

"Samuel, my wife left, too." Was it a coincidence?


The high class society were astonished by Samuel and Ella's divorce.

Samuel and Ella had been were madly in love several days ago, and just divorced without warning.

Numerous people talked about it. It became a hot topic within the society.

Samuel sea

much, Ella thought, a lump in her throat forming.

Sven sneered at Jane. "You think you know a lot, but I know more things than you do."

The two maids, tasked with taking of Sven and Jane, stood within hearing distance and didn't know what to do.

Both Sven and Jane were clever kids. So it was hard to deal with them.

Suddenly, they burst into tears and cried loudly.

Ella put them back down on the patio. "I was shooting a film, but had to ask for leave because of you two."

"It was Sven."

"It was Jane."

They blamed each other, each trying to make sure that their mother didn't get angry at them.

Ella nearly burst into laughter as she looked at her children. "If you two keep acting like this, I will lose my job. Then no one can make money to buy you all those toys you like fighting over."

"Mom, may I help you make money? You see I'm handsome enough to be in a film just like you." Sven posed, extenuating his handsome features, to show off.

Jane sneered at Sven, stood up and said softly. "I'm so pretty and lovely. The director will like me as soon as he saw me. I'll be a child star."

The two maids burst out into laughter, looking at the two cute kids trying to outdo each other.

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