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   Chapter 127 Abort The Pregnancy

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6 weeks.

The time coincided almost exactly to when he had come back from South Korea, And the time when Ella was violated.


Which meant that there was huge possiblty that he wasn't the baby's father!

He clenched his fist after he realized this.

He had been trying hard to make Ella pregnant again. However, he hadn't succedded for several months.

Yet she became pregnant after she was violated. There was no way that the baby was his.

Looking at Samuel's face, she asked out of curiosity, "Samuel, you don't look happy about it?"

How could he be happy? If the baby was his, he would definitely have been much happier than Ella.

It took a lot for him to accept the fact that Ella had been violated. How would he accept the report that he was not the baby's father, later on, after Ella's nine months of pregnancy?

Hence, he made the decision. The baby must be aborted.

"It must be aborted." He said, coldly. Upon hearing these four plain words, Ella felt like it had been thunder and lightning from the sky.

Ella stared at Samuel's unwavering eyes. A few minutes later, Ella twitched the corner of her mouth and said with heaviness, "Samuel... What, did you just say?" She tried to convince herself that she must have misheard. How could Samuel ever say such words?

"Ella, it must be aborted." With the agony in his heart restrained, he repeated it.

Ella was speechless. If she misheard the first time, then how about this time?

Her beloved Samuel just said that he wanted their baby aborted.

Feeling limp, she asked as tears cascaded down her cheeks, "Why?"

Samuel had retrieved a cigarette by this time and was smoking heavily. A while later, he replied, "Honey, you must listen to me this time.

You must be obedient."

How ironic it was! He turned out to be so cruel, wanting his own baby aborted.


"Ella, we can't have this baby. Listen to me, once you recover, we can have another baby later."

Those words echoed in Ella's mind.

Ella suddenly wanted to laugh out loud.

"It must be aborted.

You need to recove

ght to himself.

After two hour's of searching, Samuel still found no trace of Ella.

He began to panic. Then his phone rung. It was from the villa.

Samuel slid the green button instantly and drove back to the villa. "Mr. Shao, she is here. But she doesn't look very well..." Joy Liu was worried about Ella because her face was extremely pale.

"I see. I'm coming back now. If she wants to go out, you must manage to keep her inside."

"Yes, Mr. Shao."

After the call ended, he called Yang again and told him to stop searching.

Then he asked him to go to the company and ask Anna to arrange work for him.

When he arrived at the villa, it was 40 minutes later.

Joy Liu was watching over Ella from the living room. She was afraid that Ella would slip away if she was not there.

She felt relieved when she saw Samuel walking in.

"Where is she?" Samuel put on his slippers and looked towards the living room.

"She is on the second floor. But I don't know which room she is in." Joy had been in the living room the whole time.

"Okay, I think I know where I can find her." Samuel then walked to the second floor.

He intended to open the bedroom door first, but he believed that she wouldn't be in their bedroom while she was still angry.

So he turned around and opened the door of the nursery. As he expected, there was a figure hovering over his son's bed.

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