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   Chapter 126 I'll Kill You Myself

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He was killed before Samuel could interrogate him.

Samuel was raging in the office, "I'll no longer require your services anymore. You have failed me."

He rubbed his pulsing temple after he hung up the phone. Then he started to contact other international mercenaries.

It had been a month and a half since Ella's incident. The only thing Samuel had as evidence were several pictures on his cellphone.

One of these was of a half-naked man on top of a woman, under dim lights.

The woman seemed to be unconscious. It was obvious that she was Ella since she was facing the camera.

Samuel did not know if it was because of the dim light or the man's deliberation that he couldn't identify the man in the picture.

When he tried to call the number that sent the pictures, it turned out to be an invalid number.

He requested for the last known location to be pinged, and it turned out that the last location was by the seaside. The SIM card might have already been thrown into the sea, he thought.

Furious, he smashed his phone on the wall. He didn't know why the person had sent this picture.

It's as if the person wanted to confirm to Samuel that Ella was violated.

Though he had guessed it, Samuel still felt the pain.

He could not wait to avenge for her.

After he bought a new cellphone, he immediately called Emma and told her to wait at the old place.

Emma had been calling him for a month, but Samuel never picked up. When she received this call, she had a bad feeling about it. But decided to meet Samuel anyway.

At the river bank.

It was a cold winter in December and the surface of the river was frozen.

It would be a New Year in a half month. Emma felt sentimental as she thought of Elaine who was in America.

Is it possible that I can spend the holiday by Samuel's side? She thought to herself.

While she was fantasising, a strong force lifted her up and pressed her against the railing with her head bent down.

"Ah!" Emma screamed because it was only three meters between the river and the bank. She would definitely be hurt if she fell.

Who might it be? Why would anyone do this to her? She thought, extremely puzzled. Fear was devouring her nerves, bit by bit.



Samuel was smoking in his office. He thought about how insulted Ella must feel every time he started and finished his work.

He recalled it again when he finished following-up on a case. Looking at the scenery outside the window, he seemed to be thoughtful.

He didn't even notice that the door of the office was opened quietly.

He turned around until his instinct alerted him.

His sudden movement startled Ella, who was trying to surprise him.

"Ella, why did you come here?" Looking at the startled girl, Samuel found it somehow funny. He guessed that Ella must have wanted to scare him, but instead, she got scared herself.

Ella was a little upset at first, but she soon grinned when she thought about what she was holding in her hand.

She held his hand and gestured for him to sit in front of his desk, "Samuel, sit down, I have a secret to tell."

Curious, Samuel did as she asked. "Now close your eyes!"

He glanced at her and closed his eyes. He wanted to know what she was up to.

Ella put the sheet in front of him in excitement "Now you can look."

How would he react to it? She wondered. She believed that he would be happier than her. She chuckled inwardly.

Looking at the sheet, Samuel didn't completely fathom what the picture was about but he know what it meant after reading the line below, "Singleton, 6 weeks old."

He was extremely delighted by it, but his smile gradually froze, and then faded, when he saw the date of conception.

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