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   Chapter 123 I Owe My Wife an Apology

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The scene before him jolted Samuel awake.

"Ella, Ella!" He ran to her and scooped her in his arms. Samuel's breath was tainted with alcohol, making her wince.

She pushed him away and kicked Catherine on the leg, "Catherine, we are going to settle this today!"

Catherine covered her hurt leg with her hands, ignoring what Ella was saying.

With tears in her eyes and slightly messy hair, Catherine sat on the floor and looked at Samuel, "Mr. Shao, why do you treat me like this? You are the one who forced me to come in the lounge with you!" She didn't pretend to hide her grief and resentment.

Touching his forehead, Samuel recalled what had happened just now. He thought he had seen Ella and therefore, drew her inside the lounge. But why did Ella turn into Catherine? He was confused.

Ella didn't care about who drew who into the lounge and who made the first move, what she had seen was this woman, laying behind her husband, but now she acted as if she was innocent. How stupid did Catherine think Ella was to believe her?

"Catherine, the day before yesterday at night, I was drugged and kidnapped. Who did it? You or Emma?" Ella asked Catherine. She believed one of the two had orchestrated the crime against her that night.

Samuel frowned when he heard what Ella said. He didn't think Catherine was involved since she was with him in Korea that night.

"Are you insane? You are the one who is being unreasonable! I was with Mr. Shao in Korea that night. How could I drug and kidnap you when I was thousands of miles away?" Catherine said angrily. She was secretly proud of her performance.

She almost believed herself right then.

Why didn't Samuel tell her that Catherine was with him on the Korea business trip? Ella wondered. Ella glared at Samuel, who was clearly in his own world of thoughts.

"Catherine, you are disrespectful and are always seducing my husband time and time, again and again. Today, I'll make you pay." She threw the handbag that Samuel had given her onto the big bed and bent to a squat before Catherine. Samuel thought she would start a

ep thought, she went to the elevator without noticing that Anna was talking to her.

It was funny to think about how Samuel behaved. She burst into laughter.

"Ella, why are you laughing?" The sudden voice yanked Ella back to reality.

It was a few seconds later that Ella recognized Anna was speaking to her.

Hand in hand, Anna took her to a fairly quiet place and wanted to ask her what had happened to her in the past few days.

Inside the lounge

Failing to have sex with Ella made him feel hurt and in pain. He rolled around in the bed. Ella! He seemed to have a love-hate relationship with his wife.

He was about to have an orgasm when she bit him and ran away.

He was quite depressed.

He would let Ella make it up to him tonight and do whatever he wanted.

He was unaware that Ella was still in his company. If so, he would find her and drag her into his office.

By the window.

Anna looked at Ella worriedly. It seemed that nothing had happened to her because she was so excited.

"What's the matter, Anna?" Ella asked first as she sensed her worry.

Anna was such a good woman that if Ella's brother did not secure a relationship with her, he would regret it.

"What happened to you in the past few days?" Anna spoke out her worry at last, hoping her question would not trouble Ella.

What had happened? Ella gazed at Anna curiously, "How do you know?"

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