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   Chapter 120 Quick Investigation

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As Ella's bag and phone were all lost, Samuel took her to buy a new bag and phone at the mall after dinner.

Ella also selected two wallets similar in design and

Pattern for them. Her purse was white and his wallet was black.

Samuel paid for all the items. So that was a gift for both of them.

Ella stared at Samuel to find out if he didn't like her selection. His expression was not impatient but relaxed.

Ella was relieved that he liked it.

She was delighted with his reaction.

Then they went back to the villa after shopping.

With central heating always on, the room was warm even in winter. Ella went looking for Samuel after she took a shower.

After checking the calendar, she realised that she was at the beginning of her ovulation period.

Didn't Samuel want to have a daughter? She could make this happen.

Ella decided to do that. She put down the phone and applied the moisturiser that was on the dressing table.

She even sprayed her favorite perfume, a faint rosy smell, sent by Lola from Bulgaria.

It was extremely expensive and she liked it. Although she didn't like using it, For her dear Samuel, she would do anything that made him smile. And he did like the smell of the perfume. Ella smirked and walked towards the study room.

Ella opened the door and looked inside carefully.

Samuel was on the phone when Ella came in. He knew it was her.

Ella opened and closed the door quietly. She wanted to surprise him, and so put her hands over his eyes.

Ella didn't know Samuel was smiling. He held her hand and pulled her into his arms.

He kissed her hair and took in her scent, smelling that rose-scented perfume that he liked.

"Yeah, I know. I'll contact you tomorrow." Samuel didn't want her to overhear what he was talking about, so he hung up.

Ella put her arms

k about." Sum took a deep breath and stared at Ella.

She looked well, an expression of happiness on her face.

Then he also wanted to know what happened to her after that.

"Ella, would you believe me if I told you that those two men kidnapped and drugged me to the hotel? I had nothing to do with it." He said in a low voice. As he, a strong man, he was shamed that he was easily drugged and kidnapped.

To his surprise, Ella nodded her head and said. "Yeah, I know. I trust you are telling the truth. They did the same thing to me."

Sum was relieved to hear her response. He loosened his tie and leant against the sofa.

But, he was too ashamed to describe the situation.

He felt weak that, Ella could run out of the hotel, while he, a man couldn't get up at all.

He had only been lucky that a prostitute had walked by the room and found him.

"Are you alright?" Ella had blamed Sum at first. But she finally chose to forgive him as she felt he was also a victim.

He even looked tired and worn out, with blood-shot eyes.

Waiter arrived back at their table with the coffee that Sum had asked for. The waiter placed in front of him. "Thank you." He said mildly, and sipped a bit of coffee.

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