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   Chapter 118 Is She OK

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"Go and find a world-famous technician to recover the surveillance video from the hotel, and ask the people on duty in the hall for details. I need to know what happened."

Samuel hung up the phone and waved to Anna. He said in a relatively soft voice, "Put everything on hold for a while. I need to deal with something important first."

Anna nodded. Samuel then found Viola's phone number and called her.

"Mum, why on earth did you ask Ella out last night?"

Samuel's interrogation shocked Anna deeply, spiking her interest. She had never seen Samuel talk to Viola in this way. Viola must have given an answer that didn't sit well with Samuel because his response was in anger.

"She was kidnapped last night, didn't you notice? I told her not to leave the house, and despite how you always treat her, she went to dinner with you out of respect."

Ella was so silly. She knew Viola didn't like her, and always tried to avoid being anywhere near her.

If Viola hadn't been his mother, Ella would have treated her in the same way she treated Catherine and Emma, Samuel thought.

Anna became worried. Did something terrible happen to Ella? No wonder last night, he didn't wait for the company's car and left the airport immediately after a phone call he had received.

"Is it Emma? Was she involved?" Samuel asked pointedly.

"Viola, you are not only my mother, but also Ella's mother-in-law. Her parents died at the same time. Shouldn't you be kinder to her?" Samuel felt sorry for Ella, and the least she had expected her mother to do was to treat Ella like one of her own. But that wasn't the case.

"Don't explain. I am investigating the matter now. If I find out that either you or Emma were involved..." Samuel warned. Samuel recalled Ella's condition last night and he became even more infuriated.

He hang up the phone without another word and called Emma.

But before he got through to her, Samuel realised that Anna was still standing in front of him. He wasn't sure why she was still there.

So he hung up the phone, looked at Anna and said, "What do you want?"

Anna wanted to ask what had happened to Ella, but before she could say a word, Samuel's phone rang.

He looked at the number on the screen. It was a call from the villa, probably from Ella. He hesitated to answer the phone.

But when the phone rang again, he picked it up.

"Samuel." Ella called his na

e had nothing to do with Ella's kidnapping. Her intentions were genuine, to take Ella out for dinner.

She had managed to convince him, therefore leaving Emma as the only suspect.

Deluxe Room in No.3 People's Hospital.

Doctors had bandaged Yang's hand and applied medicine to the bruises on his face and body.

Samuel pushed the door of the ward open, and Ella ran into the room.

"Yang, how are you? Are you Okay?"

When he saw Ella, Yang smiled. The expression on his round face showed that he was a lovely, truthful man.

"Ella, I'm okay now. Thanks to Samuel. He made sure that I was taken care of by the best doctor here."

Yang recalled what had happened and realised that if he wasn't sent to deliver documents to a client at that hotel, he wouldn't have met Ella and saved her.

Ella looked at his fat hand in bandages, and her eyes brimmed with unshed tears. She held his hand in hers and said, "You are so silly, Yang!" She couldn't forget what had happened last night. Yang, a person who didn't know how to fight, Kept two brawny men away from her. She remembered the dagger piercing through his hand and the shattering scream he produced from the pain.

"I don't believe I said thank you. So thank you, I don't know what would have happened to me if... " she broke down in tears.

Yang reached out to her, "Hey hey stop worrying. It's not a big deal. We are okay now. I hope those bastards get what they deserve. Everything is okay." He tried to convince her, but once the tears came, it was hard for Ella to stop. So he let her cry, as he continued to reassure her.

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