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   Chapter 117 What happened to Ella

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The taxi arrived at Chuck's Private Hospital, and the taxi driver got out of the car to get some help. Ella was groggy, slipping in and out of consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she was lying on a gurney, being wheeled into the hospital. Ella grabbed the nurse's hand, "Please call Chuck for me..." She knew he was the one person that she could trust at this crucial moment.

The nurse ignored her request and proceeded to push the gurney towards the emergency ward.

"Please tell Chuck, It's Ella. Please. He'll know who it is." Ella felt like she was slipping and her heart was pounding faster. She almost wanted to take off her clothes since she was feeling very hot all of a sudden.

An attending physician recognised Ella, and dialed Chuck's phone number.

At that moment, Chuck was resting in his office because he had just finished a 7-hour operation.

When he heard that Ella was in the hospital, he went downstairs quickly.

In the emergency ward on the first floor, Ella was twisting and turning on the hospital bed, in pain.

Chuck immediately detected that there was something wrong. "Take her to an examination room, pronto." He tried to call Samuel but still couldn't get through. He ordered a nurse to keep calling the number until she could speak to the owner. He rushed to Ella, to give her a check-up.

Ten minutes later.

The nurse dialed Samuel's phone number dozens of times but couldn't get through. She came into the examination room, "Sir, there's still no answer." "Keep trying until there is." Chuck spoke softly, watching as Ella slept. When he had walked into the examination room, Ella was in distress and looked like a mad woman. He had to ask several nurses to hold her and give her an injection. Once he was able to, Ella was changed into a hospital gown.

Chuck wasn't entirely sure what had occurred. He looked at her hospital chat, trying to decipher what had made her react the way she did. Apart from the fever she had, nothing pointed to her state. He shook his head in confusion.

"Nurse, take some of her blood. We need to get some tests done. I don't want to write down the cause of this outburst as psychological, until we rule out that her physical health didn't cause this."

The nurse nodded, retrieved some blood samples and took them to the lab. "Sir, there's been an answer on the phone." The nurse who was tasked to call Samuel's phone, came in and informed him.

Samuel had just got off the plane, when he saw the many missed calls from Chuck's private hospital. Just then another call came in from the same number. "Hello." He answered hurriedly. "Oh... hi. Hold for Sir Chuck." the voice on the other end sounded relieved.

"Hello, Samuel.

husband to take away the emotional pain.

Just for this moment. Her sweet voice called out to him, and he finally succumbed to her pleas.

At last, he drew the curtain behind the door to cover the glass.

He held Ella and went into the bathroom. He put her under the shower and let the warm water fall on her.

Ella didn't understand why Samuel did that. She tried to grab for him, but he pulled away.

This made her sad, and she began to cry. "Samuel, I need you... Please.. Please."

Ella repeated the words like a mantra.

The tears that had threatened to come out earlier, descended down his cheeks.


Ella didn't know when Samuel had taken her back home.

She only knew Samuel had gone when she woke up.

She felt happy that

Samuel was there when she needed him.

However, her happiness turned into sadness and worry when she thought about Yang. She went downstairs quickly and called Samuel.

In Samuel's Law Office.

Anna had worked for Samuel for several years but she had never seen him act the way he was acting on that day.

He walked into the office, dishevelled and with a frightened expression on his face in the early morning. He had been in his office for three hours now, and he had been making phone calls all that time.

His office door was closed, which was unusual. His door was always open. Occasionally when she looked at him through the window, Samuel was angrily talking through the phone.

She was scared that the anger that she had seen would be directed towards her. But she needed to hand in financial reports that were due in today. Finally, Anna got some courage, knocked on the door and entered the office.

"Yeah... Which hospital is the man in now?" She had Samuel ask. She stood frozen to the ground until Samuel noticed her presence.

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