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   Chapter 116 Attack on Ella

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Since Ella didn't drive to the old house, she didn't have a way to get back home.

She ended up wandering the streets, in discontent.

She missed Samuel, and at that moment she wanted to be with him. However, he wasn't in the country, and she could only see him electronically. She felt distressed in this moment more than she ever had.

Unconsciously, she wandered too far, and ended up in a dark alley. When she realised this, she turned around to retrace her steps back to the old house.

But in doing so, she caught a glimpse of two large men running towards her. Before she could react, she lost consciousness.

After placing Ella in the car, one of the men retrieved his cellphone and dialled a number, "It's done ma'am."

"Well done. Take her to the hotel. The next phase of the plan is underway." The call was brief but the intended message had been received.

Ella stirred awake. She felt as if someone was touching her incessantly.

She was having trouble focusing her thoughts because she was feeling dizzy.

Her memories, although blurry, came back to her and she knew with all certainty that the man that was touching her wasn't Samuel.

She wanted to fight and scream but she was too weak to do neither.

Where was she? She remembered being with Emma and Viola, and then wandering the streets after, but everything after that drew a blank. She looked around her. She thought that she might be in a hotel.

Ella tried to prop herself from the bed, but her efforts were quickly thwarted

When a man flung himself on her.

She recognised him instantly. Sum? She was shocked to see him. But she also noticed that he didn't seem fully awake. Was he drunk?

"Sum... Wake up." Ella wanted to stop him but she also felt that there was something wrong with her. Her voice was weak and unstable.

Her whisper was like a catalyst for Sum. He lowered his head and kissed.

There were several flashes that lit the room, as if someone was taking photos. Ella saw the light but Sum seemed not.

Ella bit Sum on the lips, forcing him to let go of her, in pain. He winced as he struggled to get off her.

She also bit her tongue, the pain yanking her from her delirium.

She pushed Sum away. He landed on the floor with a huge thud.

Ella crawled out of bed and staggered into the bathroom.

The moment she closed the door, she saw someone rushing towards her. Ella immediately locked the door in confusion.

What was going on?

How did she get here?

What was Sum doing here?

Ella's head heart from all the thoughts running through her mind.

She couldn't reconcile what was going on. Nothing made sense.

Suddenly, she heard a loud bang on the door. Some

losed just as he had stabbed Yang on the hand. Tears flowed from Ella's eyes.

Yang's screamed in pain, releasing the men's legs. He clutched at his hand. The man in black stood up and kicked Yang in the face, causing him to loose consciousness. "Idiot. Let's go. We have what we need."

The two men walked towards the staircase exit and descended the stairs.

The lift stopped at the first floor. Ella was crumpled on the floor, shaking and crying. She kept saying, "Please help me." The people who had called for the lift to stop on the first floor, saw her and immediately came to her rescue. They pressed the button for the ground floor, which was where the reception desk was.

A crowd formed at the reception desk, as security called the police and an ambulance. "Please, there's another man on the 12th floor. He is in trouble." Ella begged the security guard who was holding her.

She only calmed down when she heard

The security guard call for back-up to the 12th floor. "Please, she needs to go to the hospital now. There are no ambulances nearby, take her in a taxi." The main receptionist called out to the security guard. Two minutes later, a taxi screeched to a stop at the front of the hotel. The security guard entered with her.

In the taxi.

Ella twisted in the backseat, her body coming down from the effects of the drugs and exhaustion.

"Sir, Please may I borrow you cellphone?" Even though she knew Samuel was abroad, she still wanted to contact him and hear his voice.

The security guard gave her his phone.

Ella clinched the cellphone tightly the moment she touched it, Struggling to dial his number on the phone. Once she pressed enter, she held her breathe, "Sorry, the mobile subscriber can not be reached. Please try again later." Ella's heart broke.

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